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Many Waldo County, Maine, Church Records, Annual Town Reports, Funeral Home Records, Periodicals, Military Reports, and Collected Obituaries are Now Online

Records held at the Belfast (Maine) Free Library are being transcribed and placed online. Belfast is the county seat for Waldo County so the library has long collected records from all the towns in the county. The transcriptions and publishing are an ongoing effort. The following announcement only talks about the first of many more records going online in the future:

For the past five years, volunteers at the Belfast Free Library have been transcribing vital records of births, marriages, and deaths for Waldo County from materials held in the library’s Special Collections department. Ted Steele—the retired president of the St. Louis (MO) Genealogical Society and a summer resident of Lincolnville—and Betsy Paradis (Reference and Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library) have been the driving forces behind this major project.

These materials include local church records, annual town reports, funeral home records, periodicals, military reports, and collected obituaries. To date, a total of roughly 22,000 names have been recorded.

DeceasedOnline Adds 60 years of Burials from Deptford, Catford and Lewisham

The following announcement was written by the folks at

With the addition of Hither Green Cemetery near Catford, Deceased Online has completed the full collection of burial and cremation records for the London Borough of Lewisham, which covers the former districts of Deptford, Lewisham, Penge and Lee.

The inclusion of the five locations managed by Lewisham Council in South London adds nearly a million records to Deceased Online, bringing our total number of records for London up to 8 million.


Above, monuments and memorials in Hither Green Cemetery, the fifth location in Lewisham with records available on Reportedly is in Talks with FDA to Offer Genetic Testing of Medical Conditions is talking to the FDA about using DNA to estimate disease risk for the company’s member base. CEO Tim Sullivan revealed the news in an interview with The Verge, effectively announcing his company’s intention to eventually offer straight-to-consumer genetic testing.

Ancestry is currently in the “very early stages of a conversation with the FDA,” Sullivan told The Verge. “We think it’s totally appropriate that the FDA has stepped in to pretty aggressively regulate direct-to-consumer genetic tests—and we’re just starting from that perspective, and trying to work very closely with them,” he continued.

Queen Elizabeth Asks for DNA Tests to Settle Title Feud Involving Title Pretenders

DNA evidence could be used for the first time to resolve a feud over a hereditary title after the Queen personally intervened in the case. The dispute was triggered when an amateur genealogist revealed that a distinguished baronet came from a different bloodline to his relatives, suggesting there may have been an illegitimate child in a previous generation. The two rival branches of the family have since spent thousands of pounds on a legal battle to prove which is the true line.

Peerage authorities have been called upon to determine if genetic material could be used to determine who should inherit the Pringle of Stichill baronetcy.

You can read the details in an article by Gregory Walton in The telegraph at

Build Your Own Digital Library

The new Czur (pronounced “Caesar”) Scanner is a low-cost book scanner that should help to build your private digital library with an easier and faster way. You cannot buy one just yet but hopefully will be able to do so by January, 2016.

Most book scanners cost several hundred dollars. The Czur Scanneris being introduced at $199 plus shipping. Equipped with 16 million pixels and creative algorithm, Czur reportedly can make scanning books as easy as turning pages. The most difficult problems, including flattening curve, erasing fingerprint, smart edge-cutting, have been solved. The Czur web site claims the new scanner will be the highest cost performance book scanner in the world.

Designed both for office and in-home use, the Czur can scan files, contracts, vouchers, individuals pieces of paper, and more.

Podcast: “Bridging the Gap between North America and Europe for Genealogists”

Timo Kracke and Dirk Weisslede

Timo Kracke and Dirk Weisslede

The Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS), the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota (PRG), and the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände (DAGV) have formed a partnership to create a German-American genealogy structure between countries and organizations for sharing contacts and genealogical research. The partnership is open to all organizations interested in Germanic genealogical research.

Plus Edition Newsletter Has Been Sent

To all Plus Edition subscribers:

The notice of the latest EOGN Plus Edition newsletter was sent to you a few hours ago. Here are the articles in this week’s Plus Edition newsletter:

(+) The True Expense of Genealogy Research
(+) A Lesson to be Learned From One Library’s Conversion to a Digital Library
Wanted to Rent: New Home for 19,000 Arizona Genealogy Research Documents
eBook: Sources for Genealogical Research at the Austrian War Archives in Vienna (Kriegsarchiv Wien)
Requesting Public Records? Depending on the State, That Could Cost Money
Ancestral Quest is Now Available for Macintosh
Scottish Ancestral Research Company Releases New Records for Major Family History Show
More than 82,000 FamilySearch Volunteers “Fuel the Find” for People Worldwide
FamilySearch opens a new Seattle Family Discovery Center
New FamilySearch Collections: Week of August 17, 2015
New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday
Introducing SNAC
Announcing the Launch of new Website for the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA)
Certificate of Irish Heritage Abandoned
New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) Announces Appointment of Christopher C. Child as Editor of the Mayflower Descendant
Do Not Install Dictation Software on Your Windows or Macintosh Computer!
Run Windows Programs on your Macintosh with Parallels Desktop
Millionaire Property Developer Used Children’s Gravestones to Build a Patio
Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

(+) Digitize Your Life

(+) Why Your Wi-Fi Stinks

Christopher Columbus was Not the First: the Story of the The Westford Knight and other Early Explorers

Find Historical and Genealogical Information with WolframAlpha

Why Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee Blood?

Ancestral Background can be Determined by Fingerprints

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Seasons 4 and 5 are Now Available on Hulu

Dozens Attend Taping of PBS’s “Genealogy Roadshow” in Providence

New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Seeks New President

The Best Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Ancestral Systems LLC releases Clooz interface to Family Historian

Christopher Columbus was Not the First: the Story of the The Westford Knight and other Early Explorers

Schoolchildren have been taught for years that Columbus discovered America. This “discovery” suggests he was the first European to land in the Western Hemisphere. Sadly, that statement isn’t true. In fact, dozens of others may have made the trip before 1492.

There is speculation that Brendan the Navigator sailed from Ireland to North America sometime between AD 512–530. Others believe the Polynesians were in South America prior to 1000 AD. Other claims of early travels to the Americas include Arab merchants as mentioned in a Chinese story first written in 1178 AD.

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Seasons 4 and 5 are Now Available on Hulu

Who-Do-You-Think-You-ArePast episodes of the U.S. version of Who Do You Think You Are? are now available on Hulu, the streaming video channel available on the Internet. Only season 4 (2013) and season 5 (2014) episodes are available, however. Those programs include the following guest celebrities:

Season 4:

Kelly Clarkson
Christina Applegate
Chelsea Handler
Zooey Deschanel
Chris O’Donnell
Cindy Crawford
Trisha Yearwood
Jim Parsons

Season 5:

Ancestral Systems LLC releases Clooz interface to Family Historian

The following announcement was written by Ancestral Systems LLC:

Ancestral Systems LLC have released version 3.5 of Clooz, a Windows desktop program aiding family history researchers in organizing and tracking all of the document records they collect. Having reviewed all of the information they found, Clooz users can then make educated decisions on which people belong in their family tree. In this latest update of Clooz, Ancestral Systems has added yet another family tree program, Family Historian by Calico-Pie, to the list of programs users can transfer records (people, events, sources) to using Clooz’s sophisticated document export tool. The tool assists users by identifying events which can be drawn from the document information they previously entered into Clooz. Sources are transferred, and the newly created events are automatically cited to the source.Clooz-1

Gordon Honeycombe, R.I.P.

Former broadcaster Gordon Honeycombe, the face of ITN news between 1965 and 1977, has died in Australia aged 79. UK genealogists will remember him best as the presenter of the BBC Television programme (broadcast first in 1979) called Family History. He was twice voted the UK’s most popular newsreader.

He also helped maintain the Honeycombe Family History Archive on the web at

Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

The following pages have recently been updated in the Calendar of Genealogy Events:

Ontario, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Texas, and Vermont

Some of the above changes may have been deletions of past events.

All information in the Calendar of Events is contributed by YOU and by other genealogists. You can directly add information to the Calendar about your local genealogy event.

(+) Why Your Wi-Fi Stinks

The following is a Plus Edition article, written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 

slow-wi-fiI installed a new wi-fi router in my home a few days ago and was amazed at how much faster it is than the router I was using previously. My old router was supplied by the local cable company when I moved here three years ago. It seemed to work well, so I never questioned it. After all, I had nothing to compare it to. It was my only router for three years.

The old router was a single-band unit, running at 2.4 gigahertz. Almost all the more inexpensive wi-fi routers you purchase at the local computer store are the same. In fact, most in-home wi-fi routers (I’ll call them base stations) probably are the same: single-band 2.4 gigahertz units that were designed several years ago, even if they were only manufactured recently. I know that was true of my Motorola modem/wi-fi router/base station.

The world of wi-fi has changed a lot in the past few years.

220 Million Records of British Voters Available to Search Online for the First Time

The following announcement was written by the folks at Findmypast:

Electoral Registers document the evolution of modern British democracy from the passage of the Great Reform act of 1832 to votes for women in 1918, and voting equality in 1928

Records include details of property ownership, allowing you to uncover the history of your home

Now available online for the first time at

9th October 2015

Leading family history website Findmypast and The British Library have announced today the online publication of an estimated 220 million records of English and Welsh voters.

The period covered by The England and Wales Electoral Registers 1832-1932 includes some of the most important events in the history of British democracy and demonstrates how the British electorate changed during the 19th and early 20th centuries: from the vote being extended to working class men and the reform of representation up until women’s suffrage.

Pat Couture, R.I.P.

The many friends of Pat Couture will be saddened to learn that she passed away yesterday. She suffered from pancreatic cancer. Pat was a mother, professional singer, genealogist, ham radio operator, member of Mensa, an expert on African violets, and many other things. She was well known as a French-Canadian genealogist and, in recent years, became active in a couple of Jewish genealogy societies as well. She was a frequent public speaker, usually speaking about French-Canadian topics.

Pat Couture shown here with her husband and constant companion, Paul

Pat Couture shown here with her husband and constant companion, Paul

In a Facebook posting early today, Pat’s daughter, Amy, wrote: “To all who knew my mother and have been sending warm wishes, Mom passed away yesterday after her year long battle with cancer. She made a big impact on everyone that knew her. She was a mother, professional singer, genealogist, member of Mensa, and many other things. I miss her already! Thank you all for your nice words in the end. They made her happy.”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

Enter Your Family History Book now for the Alexander Henderson and Don Grant Awards

The Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (AIGS) presents these two prestigious Awards annually. The Alexander Henderson Award is for ‘the best Australian Family History’ and the Don Grant Award is for ‘the best Australian historical biography with a family history focus’ submitted for the awards in that year.

If you have published a family history book and would like more information about the criteria for the judging of the Awards and an entry form, visit the AIGS web site Entries close for the 2015 Awards on 30 November.

Yale Places 170,000 Photographs From 1935 to 1945 Online

Yale University had posted online 170,000 Library of Congress photographs taken in the United States from 1935 to 1945. The photos come from all over the U.S., and can be accessed with this easy-to-use interactive map. They also used the original captions allowing the viewer to get an honest feel for the time period.

No guarantees but you might find one of your ancestors in this series of photographs. You can start at


The above photograph is from Caribou, Maine in 1940.

Missing: a 40-year-old Time Capsule Missing In Brevard County, Florida

Attention all residents and former residents of Indialantic, Florida. If you remember where the time capsule was buried in 1976, the Hoover Middle School alumni would like to talk with you.

A tiny time capsule, filled with a 8 mm camera, newspaper clippings and more school mementos from the mid-1970s was buried on the former junior high school property to commemorate the nation’s bicentennial year. They planned on opening the time capsule in 1996 — 20 years after it was put in the ground. There’s but one problem: the time capsule isn’t buried where they thought it was.

The Best Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Genealogists love to copy old documents, census records, wills, deeds, and even old photographs. We used to make photocopies and save those in various filing systems. The 21st century solution is to make digital copies, either with a scanner or, even more common, with a cell phone camera.


Making digital copies is quick, easy, and also is easier to save for posterity. Digital images are also easier to insert into various reports and genealogy programs that you may use. In short, digital images provide convenience and security. Even better, for most of us, the cell phone camera is with us wherever we go.

Dallas Genealogical Society Celebrates its 60th Anniversary and Seeks Memorabilia

The following announcement was written by the Dallas Genealogical Society:

The Dallas Genealogical Society will celebrate its 60th Anniversary later this year with a Commemorative Issue of Pegasus: the Journal of the Dallas Genealogical Society.

The issue will focus on significant events in the Society’s history, and on the individuals who helped make it a success for six decades. The Publications Committee is asking all members and former members of the Society, no matter where they now live, to send their memories, pictures, anecdotes, etc., for possible publication in this Special Issue.


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