(+) (Almost) Unlimited Cell Phone Minutes for only $10 per Month

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NOTE: This article has nothing to do with genealogy. However, one of my personal interests has always been saving money. Last year, I found a cell phone bargain that was almost too good to be true, so I decided to try it. I wrote about my experiences at the time. Now I have switched to a new service from the same company at roughly half the price. I decided it is time to update the old article.

Telephone calls have become ridiculously cheap in recent years but cell phone calls (in the U.S.) remain at astronomical prices. One company is changing all that and I have now been using their low-cost service for more than a year.

In the January 8, 2013 newsletter, I wrote (+) (Almost) Unlimited Cell Phone Minutes for only $19 per Month and described my experience with a cell phone plan that costs $19 a month for (almost) unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to the U.S. and Canada.

In fact, I have been using this $19/month for service for more than a year and have been happy with it. The company provided only one service: $19/month, take it or leave it. Now the company has switched to four levels of service. These four different services range from $5 a month (for a service that does not meet my needs) to $40 a month (for a service that provides more than what I need). I elected to switch to their new $10 a month plan and have been using it for several weeks. So far, it has met my needs perfectly and I really enjoy paying only $10 a month for nearly unlimited cell phone service!

This bargain price is about half of what I see advertised by other discount cell phone providers.

To be sure, this bargain does have some restrictions; but, I found those restrictions to be so minor that I can safely ignore them, and I suspect that many others can do the same. If I wish, I can upgrade my service at any time to include additional features, although at higher prices. Even the highest-priced service at $40 a month is still cheaper than that of most other cell phone services.

I have now cut my cell phone monthly expenses from nearly $100 a month to $10 a month. I also found that the phone and the service work well. The people I call never know that I am a cheapskate… uh, “thrifty.”

Even better, I no longer own a standard, old-fashioned telephone. I can now use my new cell phone for all my calls, both at home and when outside the home, for a TOTAL of $10 a month for all telephone conversations. I am using an Android “smartphone” that not only places and receives telephone calls but also surfs the web with a built-in web browser, sends and receives text messages, reads and writes email messages, takes pictures, plays music, plays videos, reads and updates my calendar, maintains a large phone book, displays maps, provides directions, plays games, and much, much more. In short, it is a normal Android cell phone.

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