(+) Donald Sterling has a Personal Archivist, You Can do the Same

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Donald Sterling, billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, has made headlines this week. I won’t describe his racist comments as many others have already done that. However, an item in one report caught my eye: Sterling has a personal archivist. I guess when you are a billionaire, you can hire someone to record every word you speak, everything you write, and everything you ever do, in order to preserve all words and actions for posterity. However, Sterling probably now regrets having someone record the words that created all the problems.

Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano

V. Stiviano (nobody seems to know what the “V” stands for) claimed that Donald Sterling was NOT her boyfriend although recent press reports claim to have proof that the relationship was personal. She originally insisted she has worked for Sterling for 4 years as his “archivist” along with working for a Clippers charity.

Regardless of the relationship between the two, I find it fascinating that Donald Sterling has an archivist. Sterling apparently thought he needed his life cataloged and saved for all to know. In other words, he was a lifelogger: a rich old man who wants to record his life for posterity. Of course, that’s what got him burned.

In fact, you don’t need to be a billionaire to do the same. Perhaps you do need to be a billionaire to hire a young, good-looking female to do the work for you. However, if you can settle for the “companionship” of a few boxes filled with wires, circuit boards, and blinking lights, you can do more or less the same. Of course, you do so at your own risk.

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