A Search Engine that Helps Protect Your Privacy

Click on the image above to go to StartPage.com

Did you know that every time you use a regular search engine, your search data is recorded? Major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and almost all the rest, capture your IP address every time you visit and use tracking cookies to make a record of your search terms, the time of your visit, and the links you choose. Then they store that information in a giant database where it becomes available both to the search engine employees as well as to any other corporation that is willing to purchase that information.

Your searches reveal a shocking amount of personal information about you, such as your interests, family circumstances, political leanings, medical conditions, and more. This information is a modern-day gold mine for marketers, black-hat hackers and criminals, as well as for the None Such Agency (NSA).

If you would prefer to protect your privacy, there is no quick and easy solution that will block 100% of the online snoops all the time. However, you can reduce the risks somewhat by using a search engine that does not collect information about you: StartPage.com.

StartPage.com claims that it it does not store your IP address, tracking cookies, your search terms, the time of your visit, or the links you choose. I have no way of verifying that claim but suspect the search engine does live up to the claims. In any case, I think I would rather use a search engine that claims to protect my privacy instead of a search engine that I know is collecting my personal data!

You can learn more about StartPage.com’s privacy claims at https://startpage.com/eng/protect-privacy.html.

When you search with StartPage, the Web results are generated by Google. However, StartPage filters out all the personal information that Google normally collects. In other words, you obtain (most) all the benefits of using Google but without the privacy concerns.

To use the privacy-protected search engine, go to https://startpage.com/. I just changed my web browser’s settings to use https://startpage.com/ as my browser’s start page. It is the first page that displays every time I launch the web browser.

In addition, you might like to read the article about online privacy at https://startpage.com/eng/press/dataprivacy.html.

You also might want to read my earler Plus Edition article, (+) Why You Want to Use a VPN, available at http://eogn.com/wp/?p=29741. A Plus Edition subscribers’ user name and password is required to read that article.


Pierre Simoneau May 6, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Slower and no images as Google does.


    Correct. Most of the time when you increase security, you lose some speed.

    StartPage.com WILL search for images but not in the same manner as most other search engines. If you go to the http://www.StartPage.com web site, you will notice in the upper left corner there are three options: (1.) search the web (apparently for text), (2.) search for IMAGES, and (3.) search for videos.


Marjorie Jodoin May 7, 2014 at 8:02 am

I have been using Epic Privacy Browser. It appears to based on Chrome, blocks cookies and trackers, and will even tell you who’s tracking you on your other browsers. It also gives you the option of toggled built-in proxy when you want to hide your IP address. https://www.epicbrowser.com/privacy/intro.html


Barbara Regenstein May 9, 2014 at 9:43 am

I use DuckDuckGo and have had nothing but good experience with it. https://duckduckgo.com/


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