Heredis for Windows is Available for 40% Off until Sunday

The folks who produce Heredis are offering a big discount for a few days. The “Flash Sale” is for the Windows version of this excellent genealogy software. The offer ends on Sunday, June 15, 2014. I am not sure which time zone is involved in the offer so I would suggest not waiting until Sunday evening to order it.

The latest version of Heredis for Windows is available for US $23.99 instead of the normal price US $39.99, a 40% discount. The flash offer is available only at:


Dick, is this a package that you would recommend and why? I am a relative newbie to genealogy research (1.5 yrs) and have used as my primary tool to date. Thanks. Kevin


    —> Dick, is this a package that you would recommend and why?

    There are several good genealogy programs for Windows. Heredis is one of them.

    I have long looked for “the best genealogy program” but have not found it yet. There are five or six Windows programs (and perhaps four for Macintosh) that I consider to be very good but no one of them is clearly superior to the others.

    Heredis is one of the the very good ones.


    Personal opinions here: RootsMagic and Legacy are both highly rated genealogy software programs with demo trials and basic programs around $30.00. FamilyTreeMaker is an program. What I would absolutely NOT do is leave my genealogy information ONLY on, or any other internet site. Have the information on your home computer, with backups, along with if you wish. Leaving your info only on locks you in and leaves you at their mercy. Look at the programs they are deleting as of Sept. 5!!! Good luck.


    Thanks Pauline. I picked up on the risk of being solely reliant on for record keeping from one of Dick’s earlier blogs. I, therefore, use Family Tree Maker to store what I find via Ancestry and then back it up to and external hard drive and Dropbox. Hopefully that keeps me covered because I think I would die if I lost it all! K


No comment, just want to follow the comments but I guess you have to leave a comment in order to do that. I too, would like to know if this is a good program. My interest is in Irish genealogy.


I’ve looked at the website and googled heredis and can find no mention of how it handles sources?


Thank you Dick for your comments and best wishes from Auckland.


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