Update: Ancestry.com to Drop MyFamily, MyCanvas, Genealogy.com, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA Tests

I wrote last week (at http://wp.me/p5Z3-lk) about Ancestry.com’s decision to cancel a number of products and services. The article generated a lot of readers’ comments that can be seen at the end of the article. Today, Ken Chahine of Ancestry.com published a response that explains some of the reasons why the company decided to terminate the Y-DNA and mtDNA products.

You can read Ken Chahine’s article at http://goo.gl/CkGt6F.


I love that they responded with more information. Still unfortunate about the samples though.

Mycanvas is the only way to create a half way looking book. The Family Tree maker software cannot begin to compare. It is less than basic and very hard to use. I am terribly upset, I am a member of Ancestry.com and own FTM and feel abandoned by Ancestry. Does anyone know of another ancestry software that has professional looking publishing software?

    Donna Martin-Netherton- Iowa June 25, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I , too, am a longtime user of ancestry.com…I have multiple projects in mycanvas that are in progress with hundreds of hours spent on them..there is NO way I can complete them all before Sept 1 ( not to mention the web site outages these past few weeks!)….I also have 715 photos I have uploaded to my canvas and now have been told by ancestry that I CANNOT download them so they will all be deleted…..many photos I had borrowed from various relatives and no longer have them in my possession..WHY can’t we at least download our photos before everything is deleted !! I am heartbroken over my canvas being suspended! And extremely disappointed that ancestry is not helping those customers regain the content that was uploaded to my canvas and ancestry.com trees.

    I would go to the ancestor.com Facebook page and post your displeasure! Maybe pressure from users would help change their minds.

I also am really disappointed that Ancestry are dropping My Canvas, but it appears profit comes before keeping customers happy. I will be ceasing my subscription when it is due for renewal.

    “profit comes before keeping customers happy”
    Companies aren’t charities. Profit is the reason they’re in business. Imagine if a company tried telling shareholders and boards that it was intentionally losing money by keeping a product that was not generating revenue.

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