Create a Family Tree Chart in Excel

Microsoft has created a free template to create a five-generation family tree chart. It has space for each family member’s name and title. There’s very few “bells and whistles” in this template. There is no automatic importing of data or anything else. Simply download the template and manually enter the data. You can then print a very nice-looking five generation chart.

It is free and is available at


That works well for a quick chart. Downloaded much easier than MS suggested and I filled it in quickly. Nice as some of my names are long so you can adjust the length to make them fit. Thanks Dick, another helpful tool!


Thank you for this information. My genealogy needs are simple and I use Excel daily so this will totally meet my needs.


There are four family tree charts available in Excel, three created by Microsoft and one by Practical Solutions. One of these has worksheets that automatically update a chart with photos and details. In Excel, just click on New, then search for Family Tree. I’d be interested in how others like them as a way either as a way to keep basic family data handy or to share with others who may know Excel but don’t use a genealogy program. Thanks.


    I can only find three trees – and two of them are the same in different colours. I’d love to find the one that updates a chart. Any idea of how to find it? I’ve spent time looking but nothing comes up but those three. Thanks for any help.


I had done my own excel sheet since I really didn’t know these were available. It was more cumbersome, but allowed me to customize each family on one sheet. It really allows me to find the “holes” of data. Thanks for the info about the available templates!


Just did this. Pretty easy and my nieces and nephews will each get a copy for easy reference. I’m going to make one for myself with a bit more info, especially DOB/DOD, for each person so I avoid confusing myself. I’ve got too many Swedes with identical names and many Cornish with scattered repeating names. Some days my searches (those Swedish parish books-yikes!) make me cross-eyed. LOL. Thanks for this info.


    I know what you mean about recurring names! I have 8 consecutive generations of Edward’s which is very annoying and it is difficult to keep track of who they are! I just use the wife’s name now instead. Thankfully they didn’t all marry a woman with the same name.


for Mary Holland, the one that updates is called Family Tree with details. It may only be in a later version of Excel. I use Excel 2013. There are a bunch of family tree charts in Power Point as well. Maybe try those too.


    I’ve Excel 2007 so that may be why I can’t find it. I’ll see if my daughter can find it for me – but then it may not work with my version. At least I can try! Thanks.


How strange that it is round the wrong way! so if you start with looking at yourself in the main position, you are effectively reading right-to-left. Or is there a quick and easy way to flip it?


    There are two versions. One of them is the correct way. Have a look and see if it shows up so you can choose.


I’ve been using Excel for years as my default way of setting out ‘work in progress’ trees. I put names, dates etc. for each person in vertically adjacent cells, and siblings and spouses in the same row; then draw lines using the Drawing toolbar to produce a conventional tree diagram. And I use the ‘comment’ feature to document the sources of data in the cells.


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