Documentary Depicts History of the Cajuns

The Story Of The Cajuns

The Story Of The Cajuns

A Cajun film, seven years in the making, will premier in Louisiana this month in New Orleans and throughout Acadiana. It is also available on a DVD disk.

In The Story Of The Cajuns – Part I, film makers Brenda Jepson and Dr. Francoise Paradis interview Cajuns from all walks of life – from a shrimp fisherman to a college professor and from a cowboy to an Acadian artist. The film tells the story of how Acadians expelled during the Deportation made the arduous journey, some of them via France, to their new home in Louisiana. It explores the hardships they faced and reveals how they survived and thrived in a climate so different from their ancestral Acadie. The documentary was filmed in France, Canada and Maine.


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