MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree are 50% off for the Holidays

Both MacFamilyTree for Macintosh and MobileFamilyTree for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are being offered at 50% off until December 27th. MacFamilyTree is now available for US $24.99 instead of the normal price of US $49.99. MobileFamilyTree is being offered for US $7.99 instead of the normal price of US $14.99.

Sherwood Labs Drops Price of Branches for iPad to FREE

The following announcement was written by the folks at Sherwood Labs:

As a Thank You to the genealogy community, and in anticipation of the release of new products, Sherwood Electronics Labs is giving away their iPad app “Branches for iPad” for FREE. The app formally cost $4.99 but for a limited time the app can be download from the Apple App Store at no charge.

The description of the product is:

GenScriber – a FREE Transcription Tool for Genealogy Research

One of the best tools for transcribing old handwritten documents is called GenScriber, a FREE program for Windows and Linux created by Les Hardy. A Macintosh version is also available although it operates as a Windows version packaged inside a wineskin wrapper. While not ideal, the “pseudo-Windows” version is still a reasonable solution for Macintosh users.

GenScriber is a transcription editor for census records, church records, birth, marriage, baptisms, burials, index records, and more. GenScriber is useful for transcribing both free-form text as well as columns of data, such as U.S. census records. It is designed to be used for easily transcribing digital images of old, handwritten documents.

Famberry now Offers One Terabyte of Space for your Family, for Free, Forever

The following announcement was written by the folks at Famberry:

One terabyte of space for your family, for free, forever.

London, England (December 16th, 2014) To celebrate the move to new server facilities, Famberry, the popular collaborative family tree builder, is giving all users who sign up, a massive one terabyte of space to store their photos and memories. That’s enough space to store over 300,000 photos, so all your family’s memories can be shared for generations to come. All for free.

As part of the project to move onto new, physically secure, high- grade servers, Famberry has been completely re-written to work even more seamlessly on mobile phones, tablet devices and desktop computers, with no additional software or plug-ins; your family can always stay connected, wherever they are.

Ancestral Systems LLC Releases a Major New Clooz 3 Update

The following announcement was written by the folks at Ancestral Systems LLC:

Clooz users have invested a substantial amount of time building their Clooz database and linking it to the people and sources in their linked family tree program. Therefore, Clooz users previously were faced with a difficult situation when a family tree program change is needed, as may happen to our users who have relied on The Master Genealogist, which is being discontinued.

To support this challenge for our users, a new Synchronization Transfer Tool has been added to assist users migrating from one family tree program to another. Users can now transfer the links from one external file to another different file (e.g., a TMG user who linked to their data from Clooz can shift the links to apply to a Legacy or RootsMagic file containing the same identification numbers as the TMG file).

Heredis for Windows and Macintosh available for 50% Off

The folks that produce Heredis genealogy software are having a sale to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Heredis and also to celebrate Christmas. The Windows and Macintosh products are both available at 50% off.

Heredis for Windows 2014 is now available for US$19.99 instead of US$39.99

Heredis for Windows 2014 – UPGRADE for anyone using an earlier version of Heredis for Windows sells for US$9.99 instead of US$19.99

New RootsMagic 7 Software Released

The following announcement was written by the folks at RootsMagic, Inc.:

SPRINGVILLE, Utah. — November 25, 2014 — RootsMagic, Inc. today announced the official release of RootsMagic 7, the latest version of the award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy and enjoyable. With this release comes an update to the popular “RootsMagic Essentials” free genealogy software.

Family History Made Easy
Family Tree Magazine said RootsMagic is “probably the best all-around genealogy program” and “offers a winning combination of features for both casual and serious genealogists.”

Throughout its 13-year history, RootsMagic has helped people research and share their family trees with innovative features such as moving people from one file to another with your mouse, a SourceWizard to help you document your work, creating a Shareable CD to give to family and friends, and running RootsMagic off of a USB flash drive when you are away from home. RootsMagic has also received numerous awards, including the award for “Easiest to Sync” from FamilySearch for their work in interfacing with that system.

A Major Marriage: RootsMagic and Family Historian to become Tightly Integrated with MyHeritage’s Huge Databases

Genealogists have seen this major trend developing in the past few years and a new announcement today qualifies as a major step forward in that trend. Two very popular genealogy programs will soon have direct “hooks” into the databases on MyHeritage. Best of all, these programs will directly use MyHeritage’s Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies as they automatically search through millions of family trees and billions of global historical records available on MyHeritage to find your relatives. The beneficiaries of this marriage will be the genealogists who use either of these programs.

NOTE: I will also point out that MyHeritage is the sponsor of this newsletter. However, I think I would write the same words in this article whether they are the sponsor or not.

RootsMagic and Family Historian are both very powerful genealogy programs and have many loyal users around the world. MyHeritage is known primarily as a genealogy web site that not only has billions of records available but also has matching services called Smart Matching™ and Record Matching. I have been a big fan of these two technologies for some time and was happy to learn that the databases and the Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies are being integrated into two leading genealogy programs.

Announcing RootsTrust, a Genealogy Program for Windows, Macintosh and Linux

This sounds interesting. A new genealogy program works on all the popular desktop and laptop operating systems. It even will operate directly from a flash drive, not requiring installation on a hard drive. I suspect hard drive installation will result in faster operation, however.

The following announcement was written by the folks at Atavus, Inc.:

On October 31, 2014 Atavus, Inc. officially released rootstrust, an advanced genealogy program that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is one of the few genealogy programs that is portable across all three operating systems.

Atavus calls its product a genealogical data management system (GDMS), which is a computer program designed to manage relationships between people, and relationships between people and places as well as historical and administrative relationships between places and other places. A GDMS also allows users to import and export data, generate family tree charts and other textual reports, link document and multimedia image files as well as websites to the objects it manages: Persons, Families, Events, Places, Sources and Repositories (libraries, archives museums and private collections).

Smart PDF Scanner Pro for iPhone

Click on the image above to view a full-size PDF image of the same page

You can find a dozen or more apps for the iPhone as well as for Android cell phones and tablets that can be used as replacements for desktop scanners. Some of them can save the images as PDF files. I have several such apps installed on my iPhone and have been pleased with them. However, a new product called Smart PDF Scanner Pro claims to be the best of the bunch.

Obviously, almost every new product claims to be better than any of its competitors. However, I installed Smart PDF Scanner Pro on my iPhone and, after an hour or so of testing, I must say it is a good one. Click on the image to the right to view a full size PDF image created with the new app. This would be a good app to take with you on your next visit to a genealogy library or archive.

The Smart PDF Scanner Pro app features “Advanced Image Processing” that automatically detects the page edges and corrects for perspective. Pick full-color scans, grayscale, or black-and-white for maximum legibility. FlashAssist can take perfect scans even in poor lighting conditions. You can even change the correction and enhancement settings later.

Official Launch of StoryPress 3.0

The following announcement was written by Mike Davis, Founder and CEO of StoryPress:

We are proud to announce the official launch of StoryPress after almost a year of design, development, beta testing and a commitment to excellence.

StoryPress has rapidly evolved over the past 12 months, from a simple storytelling application to a true social network of stories. We believe this extra social context is the perfect finishing touch to StoryPress and will make creating and watching stories even more fun and personal, because the stories you will see are based on who you choose to follow.

It is available for both iPad and iPhone and you can download it today by clicking here.

Genealone 1.4.1 Has Been Released

Genealone is a product that allows you to build your own genealogy website. David Nebesky, the producer of Genealone, has announced the release of Version 1.4.1:

Several bugs have been fixed.

Two new color schemes (earth colors and turquoise) have been added.

A new layout with proportional width and user bar on the top has been

New features:

Announcing GEDCOM File Finder

Louis Kessler writes:

I am releasing a freeware program I am calling GEDCOM File Finder. You can find it at:

It’s a nice little program that does just one thing: It finds and classifies all the GEDCOM files (or GEDCOM variants) on your computer. It is simple and only has one screen, allowing you to set the starting directory, filter the filename and include files that contain some desired text. Then it displays important information about the files it finds, and allows you to load any file with your default program that opens .ged files (usually your genealogy software), or let you use your default text editor to view the GEDCOM file directly.

You’ll find it useful if you have more than a few GEDCOMs on your computer.
… or if you forgot where on your computer you put some of them.

MyHeritage Adds an Enhanced Family Tree Editor

The folks at MyHeritage (the sponsor of this newsletter) have replaced the company’s earlier Flash-based online family tree editor with a new product using newer technologies such as HTML5 and Angular JS. Along the way, a lot of new functionality has been added as well.

The new editor is described in detail in an article in the MyHeritage Blog at

VueScan Scanner Software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android

Most genealogists love scanners. I know I use mine often, both for genealogy purposes and for all sorts of other reasons, such as saving electronic versions of receipts, the users manual for the kitchen stove, recipes, directions to various locations, and much more. However, I sometimes hear other genealogists say something like this: “I bought this expensive scanner several years ago and love it. However, I later upgraded to a new computer with a new version of the operating system, and now my scanner doesn’t work on the new computer. What should I do?”

Well the easy answer is to purchase a new scanner that includes drivers for new operating systems. That’s easy to say but hard to justify financially. Another answer is to look at the scanner manufacturer’s web site to see if there is a new driver available for the latest version of your operating system. Should that fail, try VueScan.

GENP and TMG Support

The following announcement was written by Cocolsoft Computer Solutions,:

October 28, 2014.

Melbourne, Australia. The genealogy program GENP continues to support the import of data from The Master Genealogist TMG.

On the 24th July 2014 Wholly Genes Software announced that they would be discontinuing The Master Genealogist (TMG). Last month sales of the product ceased. Support of the product will finish in December. The most recent release of TMG is version 9.04 released on the 24th September.

“GENP continues to support the import of data from The Master Genealogist in its most recent version 9.04″ said founder Peter Evans.

GENP is an event linked genealogy program. It has sources, citations, witnesses and flags. Unlike TMG it is Unicode enabled and languages can be mixed. One of our demonstration databases is in Japanese.

Boxifier adds More Folders to Dropbox

Dropbox is a great app to use, but it has one drawback that irritates some people. Dropbox is great, but it only syncs what you put in your Dropbox folder.

I never felt that is a problem but apparently some people do. I simply moved all my files from the Documents folder to Dropbox. My Documents folder remains empty and all my files in the Dropbox folder get copied to the cloud within minutes after being saved. Whenever I create new files, I save them in the appropriate subfolder under the Dropbox folder. However, if you do not like that solution, Boxifier may provide the functionality you want.

MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree Receive Updates

Synium Software has announced updates to both MacFamilyTree for Macintosh and MobileFamilyTree for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch systems.

MacFamilyTree version 7.3 is optimized for Apple’s new operating system and adapts Yosemite’s sleek styling. MacFamilyTree 7.3 matches OS X Yosemite’s new look and will speak to you with a clear visual language and enhanced navigability, making your genealogical research yet more convenient and fun.

MobileFamilyTree 7.3 has been updated to match the capabilities within MacFamilyTree version 7.3. According to Synium Software’s announcement, “If you wish to use your iPhone to continue a project you started on your Mac or vice versa, go right ahead! Edit any one person in MobileFamilyTree on your iPhone or iPad, and the same view will open in MacFamilyTree. MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree are in perfect sync! Handoff requires a recent iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 installed, and a recent Mac running OS X Yosemite.”

Heredis for $10.99

Heredis is a popular genealogy program available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The producing company has just announced a 3-day sale. Each program is available for just $10.99, instead of the normal price of US $59.99 for the Macintosh version or $39.99 for Windows.

Windows 10 Kills the Start Screen, Runs on a Wide Variety of Devices

This isn’t genealogy-related but I suspect a lot of people will be interested in the new announcement from Microsoft.

Click on the above image to view a larger version.

Microsoft has announced the company’s plans to replace Windows 8 with the next version of the operating system. It will be called Windows 10.

Wait a minute… 6… 7… 8… 10… Isn’t there something missing in those numbers?


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