Jane Wilcox to Interview Robert Charles Anderson on Internet Radio

Here is a notice from “The Forget-Me-Not Hour:”

Robert Charles Anderson will join host Jane E. Wilcox on “The Forget-Me-Not Hour: Your Ancestors Want Their Stories to Be Told” radio show on Wednesday, 20 August at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time. Bob will talk about his latest book — hot off the press — entitled Elements of Genealogical Analysis. He will discuss this genealogical research methodology approach that he has used for more than 30 years in his work on the Great Migration Study Project. He’ll tell us what we can find in the book and how it can help us in our genealogy research.

Listen live or on-demand after the show airs at http://goo.gl/ZJLDWd.

Add Gigabytes of Storage Space to your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device with Amazon Cloud Drive

I love the mobile computing gadgets available today, but most of them are normally restricted to whatever storage space is available within the device. In most cell phone and tablet computers, that can be anything from 8 gigabytes to 64 gigabytes of storage space. A very few mobile devices, such as the iPad, may offer more. I often find that I need more storage space than that to store all the pictures, videos, songs, and documents I create. A second issue is the ability to share pictures and videos amongst mobile devices as well as with desktop and laptop computers. After all, if you take a picture with your cell phone’s camera, you probably want to also save it on your other devices, including the desktop system at home.

You can find dozens of services that offer the capability to copy and to share anything from your cell phone or tablet computer. However, one of the easiest products to use is Amazon Cloud Drive. I have been using it for several months and am pleased with it. Amazon Cloud Drive offers up to five gigabytes of free storage space with more space available at reasonable charges. I also like the fact that my photos and videos are saved in multiple places, including a cloud-based storage service that is managed by data professionals. I doubt if any disaster will ever cause me to lose all copies of my precious pictures.

Google Chrome Gets One-Click Video Chats, No Download Required

I love video chats with my grandchildren and other family members. I also get invited to video chats for business meetings and occasionally also make video presentations to genealogy societies that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. A few years ago, I sat in the audience at a genealogy conference where the presenter was about 12,000 miles away but she appeared on a large screen in front of the audience. In fact, it was a two-way video conference: she could hear and see us as we watched and listened to her.

Video conferencing equipment used to cost thousands of dollars only a few years ago. The improvements in home computers since then has dropped the prices dramatically. Most of us can now participate in two-way video conferences at no additional charge by using the computers we already own.


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