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It’s everything you’ve come to expect in Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter Standard Edition and more! …more articles! It is delivered to your e-mail in-box every week. And all for about 38¢ per issue!


Plus Edition
Standard Edition
No ads! Don’t like ads? Don’t like the fact that some ads and ad sites use cookies and such? The Plus Editions sent by e-mail are streamlined and ad-free to address all these issues.
Contains advertising.
Extra articles. That’s right! The Plus Editions carry ADDITIONAL CONTENT that does not appear in the Standard Edition. Dick Eastman removes the commercial messages and inserts extra content in their place!
Fewer articles.
All articles are delivered directly to your mailbox via e-mail every week  AND daily on the Web in your favorite Web browser AND daily via your blog newsreader as an RSS data feed!
E-mail version contains a brief mention of each article. All articles are available on the Web and as an RSS data feed.
Plus Edition subscribers can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to the ongoing success of this newsletter for all genealogists.
No satisfaction
 All this and more for about 38¢ per issue! $5.95 for 3 months or $19.95 for 12 months.  Free.


Privacy policy: Dick Eastman recognizes the importance of subscribers’ privacy and will never – under any circumstance – rent, sell, exchange or in any way make your information available to third parties. He also will not flood your in-box with messages. You will receive a mailing once a week, containing the latest edition of the newsletter.

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