Unseen.is Provides Privacy and Security for Messaging, Email and Calling

This isn’t about genealogy but I found it interesting. I don’t like snooping by a government or by identity thieves or by rip-off artists. All are equally evil, in my opinion. Several websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs offer encrypted services that keep your communications safe from prying eyes. One that impressed me recently is Unseen.is.

The “.is” in the address stands for Iceland. Unseen.is based in Iceland and all its servers are located there as well. Iceland is a country that has very strict data privacy laws to help protect your information. Historically, Iceland has always refused to cooperate with any other governments when asked to supply intercepts of private information from anyone, individuals and organizations alike. It is also a neutral country. Reagan and Gorbachev had their famous meetings in Iceland because it is one of the few, perhaps the only, country that both Russia and the U.S. trusted. Iceland also is a very developed country with state of the art data centers where your data is safe and under the protection of Icelandic laws.

All information stored on Unseen.is’ servers is encrypted with powerful proprietary 4096 bit encryption combined with secure network infrastructure. Not even the Unseen.is employees can read your information. I feel my privacy is never perfectly protected but probably is safer in Iceland than anywhere else. However, when transferring information to and from Unseen.is’ servers (or anyone else’s servers), there is a possibility that a third party might intercept your data while it is being transferred. To minimize the risk, Unseen.is requires encrypted connections. No plain text information is ever sent over the Internet to or from Unseen.is’ servers. The Unseen Privacy Policy may be found at https://unseen.is/privacy.html.

Unseen.is provides secure email (see note below), chat sessions, one-on-one audio and video calls, as well as group audio and video conferences. All this works on Windows and Macintosh systems with iPhone, iPod, Android and Linux versions promised for “real soon now.” Prices vary from free to $20 per year for individuals. A higher-priced version is also available that probably will appeal only to businesses.

You can learn more at https://unseen.is.

Note: Normal email is always insecure. In order to exchange messages in a secure manner with Unseen.is, both the sender and the recipient(s) must use Unseen.is’ email service. The secure email messages exchanged between Unseen.is customers are encrypted in the sender’s computer before being sent over the Internet, making it almost impossible for any third party to intercept the message. Those messages then are converted back to readable text only after arrival in the recipient(s) computer. Unseen.is’ services are required on both ends.

You can read a detailed article about email security at https://blog.unseen.is/2014/03/26/email-cant-be-completely-private-or-secure/.


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