Get 50GB of iDrive Cloud Storage for 99 Cents per Year

iDriveLogoFifty gigabytes of cloud storage space for less than one dollar per year? That is an unheard of price. Rick Broida describes the bargain in his Cheapskate Blog. However, you must sign up from either an Android device or from an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). Once signed up, you can access the stored files from Windows, Macintosh, Chromebook, Android, iOS, and probably from other computers as well.

As Rick states, “Cloud storage is no longer an oddity — it’s a necessity. You need it not only to back up your most prized data (while at the same time keeping local backups, natch), but also to sync your files, photos, and whatnot between your various devices: phones, tablets, PCs, etc.”

I signed up with an Android phone and then also installed the iDrive app on an iPhone and on an iPad Mini. I backed up all three devices, including contacts, pictures, videos, and most everything else. I then opened a web browser on my desktop computer and went to All my files from all three devices were there and were available to me on the desktop computer. The files from each device were stored in different folders.

This strikes me as one more method of copying pictures and video from a cell phone to a desktop or laptop computer: use iDrive to first copy the files to the cloud, then open a web browser, go to, open each picture individually, and then save each picture to your computer. I used a Macintosh desktop for the experiment but it should work the same on Windows or Chromebook.

For security, all files are encrypted before being stored on the iDrive servers. The user may specify his or her own encryption key or may use a default key created by iDrive.

Apple users can read more about the offer in Rick Broida’s Cheapskate Blog at while Android users will want to read last month’s offer at (Last month’s offer is still available. I just signed up today from an Android phone.)


It would appear that you should be able to add files to iDrive from your PC or Mac and not just access those added from an Apple iOS or Android device. If so, why do you have to sign up from one of those devices?


—> why do you have to sign up from one of those devices?

To receive the discounted pricing. If you sign up from a Windows or Macintosh system, you will receive the normal pricing: free for up to 5 gigabytes or $24.75 for up to 300 gigabytes.


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