Women in China’s Miao Minority Wear Helmets Made of Hair from Their Ancestors

Miao-minorityMany of us are fortunate enough to inherit heirlooms or other items from our ancestors. However, women in the Miao minority of China often have mementoes from many generations of their maternal ancestors: hair.

Instead of throwing away their hair when they comb it, women of the Long-horn Miao minority save the strands and add them to their collection of hair that allows them to create spectacular headdresses. The hairpieces are passed down to daughters as more and more hair from each generation is added. The tradition allows the women to create spectacular headdresses.

Every wig is passed down from mother to daughter and includes not just yarn and twine but also the hair from a line of female ancestors which the owners of the headdresses claim go back hundreds of years. Every time a woman combs her hair, she collects it, and she hands it to her daughter when her daughter marries.

You can read more in the MailOnline at http://goo.gl/PtnCMH as well as at Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miao_people.

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