I’ve Been Bing’ed!

I was sitting at the computer a few minutes ago, facing a window that looks onto the street. A strange-looking car drove by. It had a large apparatus on the roof and the word “Bing” was on both front doors of the vehicle. I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture although you can find a picture of a similar-looking vehicle at http://goo.gl/HkIKrR. It obviously is a street view mapping vehicle sponsored by Microsoft’s Bing Maps. It is driving around, taking pictures of every street, to later be included with Bing Maps.

I checked Bing Maps and found there is no street view of my house available yet. Will there be a picture of my house available online soon? I wish I had been quick enough to run outside and wave.

Google Maps’ Street View already displays images of my house and every other house in the neighborhood.


Or thumb your nose. LOL


Google just did our street about 6 months ago and we were outside and did wave! The pictures just appeared recently on google maps and although they didn’t capture us waving, my husband is in every shot- both front yard and back yard. We thought it was so funny.


I thought they weren’t allowed to publish pictures of houses with people in them.
I hate this stuff, really. It seems like such an invasion of people’s privacy. I should not be able to look up my doctor/lawyer/banker’s address and look at pictures of his/her property.
PS: I like the clean look of your temporary blog.


It has it’s downsides, but the seniors with whom I volunteer love their virtual walks down memory lane to visit their old homes, churches and neighbourhoods. They also enjoy their ‘trips’ to Europe to find ancestral villages.


You can also request that Google fuzz your house. It looks somewhat like a brown fuzz when they are done.


I absolutely love being able to find on Google the houses in which my ancestors lived! The house to which my parents brought me from the hospital when I was born is still there. We have pictures of aunts, uncles, and grandparents in front of that house holding me as a tiny infant. Knowing the address I was able to find the house on Google. It was quite exciting! Some of the pictures in my grandmother’s photo album show the address of the houses, and I was able to find those on Google, also. They are a thousand miles from my home, but I can sit at my computer and see them today. It helps to fill in the details of my ancestors’ lives.


Thanks to all who provided information about Google blurring and the ways in which people use this service. It’s good to find some up sides to something.
PS: I don’t know if the old newsletter/blog allowed us to follow comments but I’m finding it helpful on this format. I used to forget to go back.


They just drove by my house … How long does it take to see the pictures?


I live on a dirt road, in the City of Grant, Stillwater, Mn and I was Binged on July 28th, walking my dog down my driveway. Car had Texas plates and going sooooooo slow. A real suprise in a nothing area!


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