Recreate Long-Lost Family Heirlooms from a Picture

Newsletter reader Joy Masepoli sent a link to a fascinating online article. 3D printing isn’t a method of printing on paper. Instead, it is a computer-controlled piece of machinery that can create three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape. 3D printing has been used to create machinery, replacement parts for antique automobiles, toys, doorknobs, bone implants for humans, dental implants, and even parts to rebuild the face of a motorcyclist who had been seriously injured in a road accident. (See for details about the facial implant.)

Now a “Jewelry Replicator” can duplicate a piece of heirloom jewelry, even though the original is not available. All that is needed is a photograph. In fact, the company is focusing on old family photos.

Writing in the Tom’s Guide web site, Jill Scharr describes how it is done:

“Have you ever wished your family still had that old necklace your grandmother was wearing in her wedding photo? A new service from New York City-based jewelry company American Pearl takes photos of old jewelry and turns them into 3D digital models. It can then 3D print and sell those heirlooms to you just like any other piece of jewelry in its store.

“Via the “Jewelry Replicator,” as the feature is called, American Pearl will turn a photo of a piece of jewelry into a digital model for free (though it won’t then give you that digital model). Customers can then choose to order a 3D-printed version of that digital model.”

You can read Jill Scharr’s article at

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