U.S. Government urges Internet Explorer Users to Switch Browsers Until a Fix is Found

Security Alert

Several government security response teams and almost everyone who writes online articles about computer topics are urging Windows users to consider Chrome or Firefox as their default browser until Microsoft delivers a security fix for a new flaw affecting all versions of Internet Explorer. Computer emergency response teams (CERTs) in the US, the UK, and Sweden have advised Windows users to consider avoiding Internet Explorer until Microsoft fixes the vulnerability.

Over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed the flaw was being exploited in “limited, targeted attacks”, which use a rigged Flash file hosted on attack websites to net victims. Attackers that successfully exploit the flaw affecting IE 6 to IE 11 could gain the same user rights as the original user, according to Microsoft.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that people ditch Internet Explorer until there’s a patch — or install special software in the meantime instead.

The problem allows hackers to gain control of your computer. Anyone in control of your computer can spy on everything you do. If it’s a PC at work, hackers can reach into anything an employee has access to.

You can find hundreds of online articles about this security problem by starting at http://goo.gl/buhAHb.

Why are you still using Internet Explorer?


Do these people send out the same alerts when similar flaws are found in Firefox? Or Safari? Or Chrome? And would those alerts receive the same coverage?
PS – I use Firefox…


According to the security community, Adobe Flash is also at the center of this exploit. In fact, hackers who have so far exploited the threat have used Flash to break into user computers. By eliminating the use of Flash, this issue is all but dead. Not bad.


I use Internet Explorer because some sites (like Family Search, for me) don’t work correctly with Firefox.


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