Book Review: Genealogy at a Glance: Court Records Research

The following Book Review was written by Bobbi King:

Genealogy at a Glance: Court Records Research. By Wendy Bebout Elliott.
One in a series of “Genealogy at a Glance” publications by Genealogical Publishing Co. 2013. 4 pages.

Wendy Elliott’s introductory paragraph explains the importance of courthouse records: “Court actions covered a wide range of matters in the lives of our ancestors, including indenture and apprenticeship; adoption; bastardy; guardianship; marriage; divorce; citizenship and naturalization; land and property disputes; road, bridge, and mill construction and care; re-recording of deeds and wills; witchcraft; business licenses and bonds; the care of the poor and widows; and much more.”

This handy, four-page fact sheet condenses essential information into compact paragraphs that are chock-full of just what you need to know to either get you started on the right path in courthouse research or get you back on the right path if you’ve been off-topic for a time.

Sections include “Getting Started,” an overview of the court system with bullet points of Search Strategies. “Major Types of Court Records” describes the documents, their contents, and clues they will hold for genealogy. “Building a Knowledgeable Base” acquaints us with getting to know about laws and their applicability to our work. “Sources” addresses the resources available to us, and “Repositories” points us toward the best places to begin.

I’ve described these small but sturdy booklets previously, and I continue to think they’re great products for the Quick But Essential Guides section of our libraries. There are many topics covered in this series, written by authors well versed in their topics.

The “Genealogy at a Glance” guides are practical, well-designed, and educational.

Court Records by Wendy Bebout Elliottmay be purchased from the publisher at as well as from Amazon at


Sounds good but is this relevant to court records in the USA or in any other countries. Love the Quick Guides that I have and this one might be equally as useful.


Hmm… Looked this up on Amazon – the reviews there are not very enthusiastic…


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