After His Death, This Grandpa’s Family Found a Trunk He Left Behind. What’s Inside is Fascinating.

After their grandfather passed away, one family went through the belongings left behind and getting things organized. In the garage, they found a large, old trunk. They had never seen it before nor did they know what was inside. Very carefully, they decided to examine it. They had no idea what they were going to find, but it was fascinating.

You can read the story and also view many pictures at

Don’t you wish your ancestors had left behind similar trunks full of mementoes of their lives?


Yes, I’m pea-green with envy! How extraordinary.


I’m not sure why they were “shocked” to learn great-grandpa was a Freemason. Maybe they have watched too many of those conspiracy theory programs on Freemasonry on the History channel! Masonry used to be huge, not so much anymore. So many fraternal organizations have gone by the wayside.

Many of the men in my family were Masons, at least back to Civil war times, maybe before. My grandmother and mother were in Eastern Star (the adjunct for women & also men can belong) and I was a Job’s Daughter, the branch for girls and young women.

Fascinating as the odd items are, I would have been more interested in those piles of letters and what they said! They didn’t really mention that.


    Trunk owner here: we weren’t shocked at all. Nowhere in the picture album did I put I was shocked.

    Anyway, here is part two that has a letter in it and some other more personal items from the trunk:


    Matt, thanks. Someone wrote the family was shocked – not sure who it might have been! In the link given for reading more about the trunk, here is what it says after the last photo:
    “His grandfather kept this trunk (and kept it a secret) for years. It was a shock for the family to discover that the great-grandfather was a card-carrying freemason. So much can be learned about family history from items found like this; it’s truly fascinating.”


    Others in the family may not have known that he was a Mason, but my part of the family certainly did. My grandmother, his daughter, was an Eastern Star, and I have a xerox copy of the very same membership card in Matt the trunk owner’s posted pictures that I received when I was researching his Mason membership for our family history.


I had a similar experience when one of my fathers cousins said “You might be interested in Grandmas truck”(my Great Grandmother). It was an understatement! It contained similar items to this other truck, but also two albums of postcards sent between family members over the period of 1904-1920. What a goldmine. I am so lucky. Now all the cards are scanned and we are trying to determine who some of the photographs were taken of. It is all going up online for all the family members to be able to see and keep.


Matt – Trunk Owner. My name is Patricia and I read the story about your trunk and its treasures. To my astonishment I realized that the JC Malone that was mentioned in the article and the letters were my great-grandfather Joel Cumby Malone. Your latest post of pictures even showed a letter written by my grandmother Dovie (Malone) Roberts to her father. I would like to be able to connect with you.


    Susan Cochran O'Neal January 18, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Patriciaja, Your great grandmother Dovie Malone Roberts…..did she have a given name or is Dovie her real name. My mother in law’s mother was a Malone from Atlanta area also. Just wondering if there is a connection


    My grandmother, not great-grandmother. And her given name was actually Dovie. She was Oklahoma, though, not Georgia. But for Malone connections, you should see if you can find Randolph Malone’s book “Malone & Allied Fammilies Vol 2 in your library or elsewhere as it is pretty extensive.


The song private Malone comes to mind here. In stead on military and a car it’s masonry and a trunk!! I love it!!


The biggest question should be — is that stock worth anything?


Yes, this is for the trunk owner. I saw this article being shared on Yahoo News.. It has recently been taken down. I did however see some pictures of machines and even art work of a humanoid with multiple animal heads. I also noticed the UFO looking artwork as well… I have searched all over for those pictures but they appear to be vanished. Can you tell me why they have been removed?


    I’d like to know where you saw the art work in the article as I looked at the accompanying pictures when the article and link were mentioned in Eastman’s newsletter, and never saw what you described (e.g., multiple animal heads and UFO looking artwork). As for removal, probably because the sites only keep articles on for a limited period before archiving them.
    J.C. Malone was my great-grandfather but unfortunately, I’ve not heard from Matt (the current trunk owner) or the rest of the family regarding his trunk.


The drawings beleived to be of ufos and aliens are not, they are drawing of the vision Ezekiel had of the throne of God( with wheels inside wheels and fire) and the cherubim who guard it . The cherubim are described as having four faces; the faces of a man, an ox, an eagle and a lion and each had four wings, two to cover their faces from the glory of God and two to fly . The passage is Ezekiel chapter1.


If you want to know what’s the book The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan is all about then watch this video:


I also saw the ufo pictures from Grandpa’s trunk, I forget which site I saw them on though. Now all sites doing an article on this trunk have omitted the ufo pictures. Strange.


    I saw the pictures with the four headed creatures and the UFO looking thing also and have tried and tried to pull the pictures back up can’t find them anywhere now all sites seem to have deleted them it’s very strange!


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