This Newsletter’s RSS Feeds Have Changed

Several people have asked so I thought I would put a quick message here. If you read the articles here in an RSS newsreader, you already know that the RSS feed address you have used for a long time quit working about two weeks ago. See for an explanation of why it was moved.

The good news is that more information than ever is available via RSS. The newsletter articles are now available in RSS format at

In addition, a new option has been added that was never available before. You can now read users’ comments posted to articles in RSS format at

If you ever forget those addresses, go to the web site at and look at the menus along the right side. Scroll way, way down and you will see links to those RSS feeds listed as “Entries RSS” and “Comments RSS” respectively.

If you are not using an RSS newsreader, you might want to investigate using one. It allows you to check many web sites for new information in a much shorter length of time than required when using a normal web browser. You might want to read my article of “RSS Feeds Explained” at


Thanks, Dick. Just what I, and apparently others, needed to know.


I figured this out after I saw no new posts in my reader for two weeks (and you typically post several times a day). Updated my reader… and I love the new look!


How do I set up Outlook 2013 to receive RSS feeds? I used to get yours without any problem before 2013, but now your daily feeds go to junk email.


Has anyone been able to add this blog to the NEWS app on IPhones? It gives me an error every time .


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