Forget Linux – A Chromebook is the Perfect Replacement for Windows XP

Here is one more article about Chromebooks. This one was written by Daniel Price and is available on the MakeUseOf web site at

You can read my earlier articles about Chromebooks by starting at and at


Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick with Linux for most of my computing needs.


I would like to continue using FTM 2006 which I have on an XP. What system or computer will handle this program other than an XP?


    —> What system or computer will handle this program other than an XP?

    A later version of Windows SHOULD still handle Family Tree Maker 2006 although I haven’t tried that myself. Occasionally, new versions of Windows will break older programs.

    In addition, any Windows or Macintosh or Linux system should also work if you install a virtual machine software, such as VirtualBox or Parallels or VMware Fusion. However, you will also need a copy of Windows XP. VirtualBox, Parallels and VMware Fusion all work by creating a software version of a second PC inside your computer. You then need to install a second operating system in that second “computer,” such as Windows XP. Once that is accomplished, you can install and run any program that runs on that second operating system.

    The iMac Macintosh system I am using at this moment runs both Macintosh OS X.9 operating system and Windows XP (inside VirtualBox) simultaneously and works quite well. I can run Family Tree Maker or The Master Genealogist or any other Windows genealogy program simultaneously while running Macintosh applications. I am using Windows XP because I installed it several years ago on this rather old Mac. However, it should work equally well on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

    The downside is that installing a virtual operating product and a second operating system does require at least some technical knowledge of operating systems. You don’t have to be a guru but I would not recommend it for computer novices.

    A Chromebook would not be a good choice for you as it does not run Windows programs.


    You are lucky. According to application database FTM2006 is one that works great in Linux using Wine. Some of the older versions also work pretty well. Newer versions, not so much.
    I would also think that it would work well in Windows 7.


I too am using FTM 2006. My old laptop was XP and broke 6mo ago. I had to get a new one (you can only get Windows 8!) and was greatly relieved to find that, not only could I load the program but that it actually ran!
I am hoping that FTM will return and even add to the features that I can only find on FTM 2006. In the meantime I will continue to enter everything into FTM 2006 and then sync it to my newest version of FTM 2012 for their cool improvements.


In the referenced article where the claim is made that you can load Linux on a chromebook and then run wine there is a failure to distinguish between intel x86 based chromebooks and the more common acorn risc based chromebooks. Wine only works on x86 based computers (I suspect it works on both 32 and 64 bit computers) but acorn or ARM risc chips don’t support Wine.

ChromeOS can be built for either chip family so you can find chromebooks that are Intel based and some that are ARM based.


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