Going Back to Work after a Few Years Absence and a Change in Technology

This is perhaps the shortest video you’ve ever seen, so pay attention… A woman goes back to work after thirty years.

Watch carefully, the video is only 5 seconds long, but you’ll get it. If you’re younger than 40 years old, you probably won’t understand it.



What is this, reddit, or a genealogy newsletter?


    I hope this newsletter never becomes a “pure genealogy” web site. Instead, I hope it is an online publication that hopefully will appeal to genealogists, and especially to genealogists who use computers to help in their family tree searches.

    In the very first edition of this newsletter, published 18 years ago on on January 15, 1996, I wrote:

    “I hope to collect various bits of information that cross my desk and appear on my screen every week. Some of these items may be considered “news items” concerning events and happenings of interest to computer-owning genealogists. Some other items will be mini press releases about new genealogy software or other products and services that have just become available. I may write a few articles about things that are not genealogy-related but still seem to be of interest to me and probably to the readers. This may include articles about online systems, operating systems or other things that affect many of us.

    “You will also find editorials and my personal opinions weaving in and out of this newsletter. Hopefully I will be able to clearly identify the information that is a personal opinion.

    “The expected audience of this newsletter includes anyone in the genealogy business, any genealogy society officers and anyone with an interest in applying computers to help in the research of one’s ancestors.”

    I have tried hard to live up to that prediction for the past 18 years. I hope the newsletter is a collection of genealogy-related items, historical items, technology articles, humor, personal opinions and a few other things that I find interesting, whether genealogy-related or not.


Hilarious! Still laughing!


Might be an old video. Word processors came into use in the 1970’s .


Love it!!! And can sympathize with some one such as her. I enjoy your diversions from genealogy often as much as your genealogy info. Thanks, Dick.


Good for a laugh. I wish I could send you the one of the older man who is busy chopping veggies in the background of the video. He then scrapes the left over bits into the sink with a knife and puts the chopping board into the dishwasher. The woman in the video does a double take – it’s actually an I Pad he is using!! Some people and the new technology just don’t go together very well!


She’s the very youngest-looking 50+ woman I think I’ve ever seen! Or is it possible this is just a comic hoax…..


Only problem is that she’s using her left hand… On a typewriter you would hit the return with your right hand.


That is hilarious!
I love this blog/newsletter especially BECAUSE it is not JUST about genealogy. I love the technical articles and this video!

Based on my work experience the thirty year title is just about perfect. (Note: that word processor was Samna 2000)


Thank this is so funny and I can relate.


That was awesome! By the way, I’m in the “under 40” crowd you mentioned and I got it just fine. 🙂

(My family had an old manual typewriter with an arm on the left side that you had to push just like that when you got to the end of the line.)


In the late 1980s, part of my job was to teach DOS and a word processing program–I forget now which one–to secretaries who were about to have their typewriters replaced with PCs. They were terrified, but almost all could make the switch. Keeping their jobs depended on it. This video made me howl. Thanks for the memory!


As someone who started in newspapers on an IBM Selectric typewriter in 1977 (we didn’t see our first newsroom computers until the early 1980s), I found myself in grin mode. Thanks!


I’ve passed this video around to family and friends and they all got a chuckle out of it. Our youngest son, who is in his late forties and is a computer programmer said, He did this to his Windows computer, but not because he thought it was a typewriter.


    This comment makes it hilarious all over again! I have wanted to do this several of my computers over the years and most recently to my current computer after installing the new 8.1 Windows operating system.


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