Your Family Tree Explained

A cute YouTube video explains the mysteries of great-great-aunt, great-great-great-uncles, and of second cousins once removed. You can view the video at or in the video player below.

My thanks to newsletter reader Cheryl McGregor for telling me about the video.


I love it! I’m looking forward to Part 2, just for the fun of it.


This was the simplest and best explanation I have ever seen. Thanks EOGN and Cheryl McGregor for sharing. Maybe I can now get more of my relatives to understand our connection.


Jeanne A Jeffries June 11, 2014 at 10:22 am

We should play it at the Sheldon Family Annual Meeting and Reunion.


Shouldn’t it be (more correctly) “grand aunt” and “great grand uncle”? I know common usage has devolved to dropping grand when referring to siblings of the direct line (aunts/uncles, nephews/nieces) but I’ve seen mentions in other places through my research that indicates this is actually not the correct term.


Think that’s complicated? Try the Chinese family tree!


At last, a definitive and authoritative definition of grandaunt or granduncle vs. great aunt or great uncle – my pet peeve. I have shared it on Facebook.


Very good and entertain. Something fun to play at the opening of your next genealogy society meeting!


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