Is This the Best Wedding Photograph Ever?

A couple scheduled their outdoor wedding months in advance but a raging fire almost disrupted the plans. The couple decided to go ahead anyway, despite the fire. The photographer obviously has a good eye for dramatic scenes. This has to be one of the best non-Photoshopped pictures ever:

I can only imagine what their descendants will say many years from now.


For the record, this was the Two Bulls Fire, just outside of Bend, in Central Oregon, about 5 miles from our home. The fire has consumed over 6,800 acres of the 33,000-acre Skyline Forest, the first community forest in the country. Luckily, the winds did not blow it toward the city, and no homes or lives were lost. The fire’s origin has been labeled “human-caused” and “suspicious”. Firefighters have gotten a line around much of it and are knocking it down. Rain predicted for Friday will help. By the way, the wedding moved to Drake Park along the river downtown, for a safer, less-smoky celebration.


Nothing can stop their plan. Good for them. Determined and their eyes set on their goals. So happy for them. To me, the picture represents how Satan tries to trip us up. He tries to prevent us from having joy and from prospering. This couple decided that the evil in the form of the fire, wasn’t going to rob them of what God was bringing together. Love and Good wins! That picture should be framed ….for sure!


Great photograph, a rare moment in time….a la “Gone With the Wind”.


That’s the plot straight out of the TV show Modern Family!


As God is my witness…I will never go hungry again.


It’s unbelievable how calm and collected they both are, especially since they had such a short time to pose for the photo. The news said the fire was moving fast.
I wish them both the best, they seem to be overcoming the odds!


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