Family Tree DNA Reaches a Historic Milestone: More than 1,000,000 DNA Tests Processed

The following announcement was written by the folks at Gene By Gene, Ltd.:

Family Tree DNA, the genetic genealogy arm of Gene by Gene, and the world leader in the field, announced today that it has processed over 1,000,000 DNA test kits results for genealogy and anthropology purposes.

This historic amount includes Family Tree DNA’s tests as well the processing of public participation samples for National Geographic’s Genographic Project ( Family Tree DNA is the Genographic Project’s genetic testing partner.

The million-test milestone was reached this week during the company’s Father’s Day sale, which includes the Family Finder test currently discounted at the affordable price of $79.

The Family Finder test finds relatives within 5 generations, and gives a detailed geographic breakdown of where one’s ancestors came from, by comparing a person’s DNA to the DNA of other users in Family Tree DNA’s massive database.

Family Tree DNA offers the widest range of DNA testing services in the field of genetic genealogy.The company prides itself on its commitment to the practice of solid, ethical science. Family Tree DNA has the largest database in the world for matching purposes, which means increased chances of finding long lost relatives. In that regard, Family Tree DNA is an important resource for the three million people in the United States who either were adopted or descend from adoptees.

About Gene By Gene, Ltd.

Founded in 2000, Gene By Gene, Ltd. ( is a CAP-accredited and CLIA-registered genetic testing company that serves consumers, researchers, and physicians. Gene by Gene offers a wide range of regulated clinical diagnostic tests, as well as research use only (RUO) tests. The Family Tree DNA division ( of Gene by Gene is a pioneer and leader in DNA testing for genealogy and ancestry. The company operates the largest genetic genealogy database in the world and has provided more than 5 million discrete genetic tests. Gene by Gene is privately held and headquartered in Houston, Texas.


Is there an English equivalent company?


I submitted a yDNA sample several years ago and am thinking of upgrading. Is it possible to view the results from major companies that test, such as Ancestry, Family-tree DNA, National Geographic? I would hate to pay the $$$ and not be able to access results. $150+ to access one site is a lot of money.


    If you join, you can view and compare your results with the results of anyone who has uploaded their results to GEDMATCH. This is for autosomal DNA. For the y-DNA, I think I saw that you could upload to y-search. We haven’t done that yet for the y-DNA for our family.


FTDNA does analyses in a number of countries. I’ve had cousins found in the UK, Norway, and Sweden.


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