Update: Ancestry.com to Drop MyFamily, MyCanvas, Genealogy.com, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA Tests

I wrote last week (at http://wp.me/p5Z3-lk) about Ancestry.com’s decision to cancel a number of products and services. The article generated a lot of readers’ comments that can be seen at the end of the article. Today, Ken Chahine of Ancestry.com published a response that explains some of the reasons why the company decided to terminate the Y-DNA and mtDNA products.

You can read Ken Chahine’s article at http://goo.gl/CkGt6F.


I love that they responded with more information. Still unfortunate about the samples though.


Mycanvas is the only way to create a half way looking book. The Family Tree maker software cannot begin to compare. It is less than basic and very hard to use. I am terribly upset, I am a member of Ancestry.com and own FTM and feel abandoned by Ancestry. Does anyone know of another ancestry software that has professional looking publishing software?


    Donna Martin-Netherton- Iowa June 25, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I , too, am a longtime user of ancestry.com…I have multiple projects in mycanvas that are in progress with hundreds of hours spent on them..there is NO way I can complete them all before Sept 1 ( not to mention the web site outages these past few weeks!)….I also have 715 photos I have uploaded to my canvas and now have been told by ancestry that I CANNOT download them so they will all be deleted…..many photos I had borrowed from various relatives and no longer have them in my possession..WHY can’t we at least download our photos before everything is deleted !! I am heartbroken over my canvas being suspended! And extremely disappointed that ancestry is not helping those customers regain the content that was uploaded to my canvas and ancestry.com trees.


    I would go to the ancestor.com Facebook page and post your displeasure! Maybe pressure from users would help change their minds.


I also am really disappointed that Ancestry are dropping My Canvas, but it appears profit comes before keeping customers happy. I will be ceasing my subscription when it is due for renewal.


    “profit comes before keeping customers happy”
    Companies aren’t charities. Profit is the reason they’re in business. Imagine if a company tried telling shareholders and boards that it was intentionally losing money by keeping a product that was not generating revenue.


I found a way to “download” my pages from my project in MyCanvas. I have CutePDF Writer which works like a printer. Since we can print our pages, I just send them to CutePDF and they are saved as PDF files. Not perfect, but better than nothing. But a note, “print” them at normal quality or you’ll loose some of the formatting. I thought of ordering another copy of the book, which I’ve updated, but I’m irritated enough that I won’t do that.
Oh, by the way, someone suggested posting complaints on the ancestry facebook page? I tried that, kept it polite and to the point. Never showed up.


I don’t know if you can help but I will ask anyway. After 2 years and 4 months I finally finished a family book project this summer. It is about 145 pages long. I ordered 5 books and received them today from mycanvas. I sat down to amaze myself and I opened to the 2nd or 3rd page and the pages started fallling out. I was horrified. I checked all 5 books and 4 out of the 5 have binding problems and pages coming apart. These books are gifts for family. I called Ancestry and they said to take pictures of each book and email them to mycanvas support and they would replace the books. I am just astounded that I spent 100 dollars per book and they fall apart. Do you know anyone else with this problem?


    Yes, although the book that just came wasn’t that bad. The binding was loose, but since I knew I was going to revise it immediately I didn’t complain. I should have. I guess I will have to step up my work and order sooner than later to leave room for a re-do by mycanvas…How sad.


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