Got French Ancestors? Check Out Guide de Genealogie

If your ancestors lived in France, you may want to visit the Guide de Genealogie web site at If you don’t read French very well, you can use Google Translate to convert most of the web site’s pages into English.

Guide de Genealogie includes:

  • A guide to researching ancestors in France (Ce guide vous permet de bien démarrer ses recherches d’ancêtres)
  • A list of archives: vital records, parish registers, and more (Approfondissez aussi vos connaissances en généalogie)
  • Genealogy software (Logiciel de généalogie)
  • Family papers: military record and pictures (Papiers de famille: livret militaire et photos)
  • For backups, is the solution for securing your personal data over the Internet (Pour vos sauvegardes, est la solution pour sécuriser vos données personnelles par Internet.)
  • history of all French families during World War II (A travers les images d’archives et les témoignages, c’est l’histoire de toutes les familles françaises durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale que l’on retrouve dans ces dvd… Ce coffret comprend 4 DVD Vidéo ( Collaborations, La France sous les bombes alliées 1940 – …)
  • And much more…

Guide de Genealogie is available in French at A machine-generated English translation is available at


Francois Malglaive June 18, 2014 at 4:59 pm

The readers of this newsletter having french ancestors could be interested to know that currently the larger genealogical web ressource for french speaking countries is “Geneanet” at: .
In addition to french language, this site can be displayed in eight languages, including english, spanish and german. It is basically non profit. The access to all trees is open to everybody. You have only to register (for free) and type the name and place that you want to check. If you want to use more sophisticated tools or have access to the digital library you can have a one year accesss subscription for 40 € (about 55 US$).
I hope that this may help and I am ready to give more information.

Francois Malglaive (a reader of this newsletter since Compuserve!)


Geneanet is awesome for European research!! Now more people are entering data with updates about their descendants throughout the USA & other places. I like the in-house message system for sharing data with new-found cousins…


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