PaperLater – a Self-Made Newspaper of Questionable Value

I must admit that I wrestled with my conscience for a bit before writing this article. It is an interesting application of technology but I wouldn’t use it. It contradicts my firm beliefs about wasting paper and other natural resources. However, here is the info, just in case you might be interested.

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UK-based Newspaper Club has announced its PaperLater service. It allows users to set aside web articles of their choice to be incorporated into a print newspaper that is later delivered to their door. You can use this service to collect articles from this newsletter as well as from other web sites. The articles are combined, printed on paper, and the resultant “newspaper” is mailed to you by old-fashioned “snail mail.”

I suppose this is appealing to anyone who doesn’t like to read articles on a computer screen or a tablet screen. It might also be useful when riding a commuter train or for some other “idle time” when use of a computing device is not practical. Still, the user does need to use a computer or tablet or smartphone to find the articles and to mark them for inclusion in the soon-to-be received printed PaperLater.

Of course, you could always print the articles yourself immediately on your own printer. However, the product’s announcement claims the PaperLater version will “look and feel like a proper newspaper,” although it’s a little thicker. It’s made from a mix of recycled paper and sustainably-sourced wood fiber.

Once a PaperLater subscriber has set aside enough content to fill at least eight pages (or a maximum of 24 pages), that person can instruct PaperLater to make them a physical newspaper. It will be delivered three to five business days later.

PaperLater is only available to customers in the U.K. at the moment although the company does plan to expand to other countries. It costs £4.99 (roughly US $8.50) including delivery within the UK.

You can learn more at


I can think of lots of uses for this. If it gets its material from a website and you have access to space on a server where you could create original content, you could have anything printed in newspaper format. Your “newspaper” could be used for decorations or favors (granted it would be an expensive favor!) at wedding receptions, birthdays, graduations, retirements, family reunions or other parties and celebrations. On the genealogy front you could write “news articles” about ancestors and events in their lives. Reading such articles in a “newspaper” might be captivating to kids and help them learn about their genealogy. I would love to be able to do that today! I am sure others can come up with even more ideas.


It would be nice if you could print a newspaper from your own files. Then you could give them out at family reunions or to print stories on a family line and give as Christmas gifts.


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