Genealogy Jewelry

You can literally wear your ancestors around your neck. This product’s web page states:

Hanging on the walls and hidden in the corners of our homes are the photographs and works of those who came before us. These seemingly mundane and irrelevant objects are the indexical records of family and human history. Accumulating in layers and decaying through time, these remnants of our physical world provide tangible reference points for how we understand one another and ultimately ourselves. Books, furniture, clothing, and even silverware can influence the dynamics and relationships between the past and future generations.

You can learn a bit more at although that page seems to give very few details.


Wanda, in Lancaster County PA July 4, 2014 at 10:03 am

That’s a bit much, even for me! I do, however, look for old broken watches at yard sales/thrift shops. I take them apart and put ancestor’s/relative’s photos in the face of the watches. They make wonderful bracelets and I always get great comments on them 🙂


You are right abut the linked page not being very useful.


Oh my. It’s quite a work of art, but it looks metaphorically too much of a burden for my neck.


It looks to me as though this is part of the artist’s portfolio, rather than a product offered for sale. I love the idea, though!


TRB, Central Kentucky July 5, 2014 at 9:35 am

I guess anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


No real details on any particular piece, but she’s certainly versatile. Some of her other jewelry is gorgeous, and the clothing she’s made based on family photographs from a variety of 20th c. periods is also lovely. I wouldn’t be interested in all of it, but some is very pretty. It looks like genealogy is only one of her interests. I bet SHE wouldn’t wear that necklace either, but it did get published in a juried book.


What a fun share Dick! A bit much I agree! We carry a wonderful jewelry artist’s work in our store who makes elegant, and much more simplified versions, customized with your ancestor’s photos.


I can imagine” former” friends falling asleep as the wearer recites the genealogy of each person!


I agree that necklace is a bit too much


Nancy Ann Norman July 6, 2014 at 6:46 pm

I love it, and I have the pictures, how do I get the rest of the necklace? Is it for sale without the pictures.


Not for sale, but a one-off she did for herself — part of her portfolio. A different page on her site has a little more on the process, the materials, and her conception of it:


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