Archives From Prisons in New York Are Being Digitized

1931 Mugshot of Lucky Luciano

New York State Department of Corrections inmate records previously have been available only at the state archives in Albany. The same records are now being digitized and placed online. Records already available in digital format include: Newgate in Greenwich Village (1797-1810), the first New York State penitentiary and the inspiration for the phrase “up the river”; Clinton (1851-1866, 1926-1939); and Sing Sing (1865-1939), will be available free to New York residents from later this month.

Prison records from San Quentin and Folsom, both in California, are also being digitized.

You can read more in an article by Sam Roberts in the New York Times at

My thanks to newsletter reader Bill Cappello for telling me about the New York Times article.

One Comment

Was there a follow-up to this article? I never saw a subsequent announcement, nor a link at about free access to New York State residents.


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