Digital Collections of Historic Newspaper Available on Veridian

Veridian is a company that provides newspaper digitization services to libraries and other cultural heritage institutions. Services offered include: scanning services, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services, software for online discovery and delivery of digitized newspapers, hosting services for online digital collections of any size, and long-term digital preservation solutions. The company’s web site includes links to many of the newspaper collections that have been digitized for the libraries and other organizations. As a result, the web page is an excellent “starting point” to find many of the collections.

Digitized newspaper collections that may be found by starting at include:

Papers of Princeton University and town of Princeton, New Jersey, where the University is located. This collection contains 26,503 issues comprising 301,963 pages and 1,264,148 articles.

The Stanford (University) Daily – Historic newspapers from 1892 – 2009 with 130,000+ newspaper pages.

Columbia Spectator Archive – College newspaper, 1877 – present with 120,000+ newspaper pages.

Cornell University Library – The Cornell Daily Sun, 1880 – 1981 with 115,000+ newspaper pages.

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections – Collection of 44 newspaper titles with 900,000+ newspaper pages.

Library of Virginia – Over 60 historic newspaper titles – 300,000+ newspaper pages.

California Digital Newspaper Collection – Large, busy collection utilizing crowd sourcing tools with 500,000+ newspaper pages.

Boston College – Collection of four historic newspapers with 70,000+ newspaper pages.

Indiana Digital Historic Newspapers – 40 historic state newspaper titles with 95,000+ newspaper pages.

Cambridge (Massachusetts) Public Library – Historic Cambridge newspapers, 1846 – 1923 with 60,000 newspaper pages & 50,000 index cards.

University of California, San Francisco – Weekly student newspapers beginning in 1927 with 12,000+ newspaper pages.

Kent Stater Archive – Daily student newspaper archive with 7,000+ newspaper pages.

Vassar College – Vassar College student newspapers, 1872-present with 55,000+ newspaper pages.

University of Richmond – The Collegian Newspaper Archive with 25,000+ newspaper pages.

Papers Past – National Library of New Zealand historic newspaper collection with 3 million+ newspaper pages.

The Upper Hutt (New Zealand) Leader – Community newspaper archive, 1939 – 1964 with 7,500+ newspaper pages.

Veridian non-newspaper digital collections include:

Leiden University Colonial Collection – Books, collectives, and journals from the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute with 800,000+ pages.

AFB Helen Keller Archives – The world’s largest collection of material about and by Helen Keller.

New Zealand Parliamentary Journals – Journals of the House of Representatives with 300,000+ pages of journals.

Watson House Digital Archives – Records of the Irish Mission at Watson House, 1883-1954.

You can find the Veridian Digital Newspaper Collections at


There is also a master search engine called “elephind” – hence the elephant logo.

“All Veridian-based newspaper digitization projects are indexed by for free, unless the owner of the content chooses not to do so.”


How do you charge for digitizing old, newpapers…….they are very fragile. Where are you located?


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