Relative History, a Windows 8 Genealogy App, is Now Available

Software developer Philip Colmer has released a beta version of Relative History, a Windows 8 genealogy app. The beta version allows users to test some of the editing functionality that is being added to the app. The release supports the adding, editing and deleting of media, source and repository records as well as source and repository citations.

Quoting from the description in the Windows Store:

This is a beta version of Relative History. It is used for testing and evaluating new features and work in progress. Although it is not expected to be unstable, bugs may exist in this version that do not exist in the current version of Relative History.

The release introduces the functionality to edit repository, source and media records, along with repository and source citations. It is also possible to add those records but only if within those record types. More functionality coming soon!

Relative History imports your genealogy information by using the industry-standard data interchange format, GEDCOM. Once imported, you can easily browse and search it. You can import multiple GEDCOM files and explore the connections between individuals, families and events, viewing associated images or other media files.


  • In-app purchasing to enable additional features
  • Optional feature to edit genealogy information

The beta app is completely free during the testing period and can be downloaded from the Windows Store at:

Again, this is a Windows 8 app. It will not work on earlier versions of Windows. Work is continuing on adding the remaining editing functionality as well as developing a new version of the app for Windows Phone.


I hate Windows 8 but you can’t find many new computers without it. I have over 700 names on my two genealogy programs. Why should I have to enter data all over because Windows 8 doesn’t play well with others.


—> I hate Windows 8 but you can’t find many new computers without it.

Sure you can. The new computers without Windows 8 are called “Macintosh.”

There is no need to re-enter all your data all over again. Simply export your genealogy data from your old Windows program as a GEDCOM file, then import that file into a new genealogy program on your new Macintosh (or Windows) computer. GEDCOM will import probably 98% of your data. The results undoubtedly will require some manual “touch up” work. It is not perfect but is still much easier than re-entering everything again by hand!


A Windows 8 app is a beta version allows users to editing functionality which is added to this new application. The adding, editing and deleting of media, sources became easy through this new app version.


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