Hey, I’ve Been Interviewed!

Let me engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have recently been interviewed by two other bloggers/writers and both interviews are now available online.

The first is an interview by Brittni Hayes published in The StoryCall Blog at http://goo.gl/M0bBvX. We talked about “user contributed information [that] is chock-full of fairy tales” and also about the use of DNA in genealogy.

The second is a video interview by my long-time friend and former co-worker, Michael Leclerc.  Michael is now Mocavo.com’s Chief Genealogist and also is one of the people who helped me a lot with my French-Canadian ancestry. Michael’s interview is available as a video in his blog in the Mocavo.com web site at http://www.mocavo.com/fireside as well as on YouTube at http://youtu.be/ftBtng5yMz8 or in the video player below. We chatted about a number of genealogy-related topics in the one-hour-plus video. (Gee, my audio was loud!)


What fun! Thank you so much for sharing.

One other thought on finding a misspelling on the census. Check HeritageQuest. I have found a surprising number of accurate guesses by their transcribers not found anywhere else.


I wish every HR recruiter in the country could hear the section of the tape where you and Michael discuss the hit-tech chops of today’s senior citizens. You would not believe the number of recruiters who automatically discard resumes received from applicants older than 30, especially if the applicant is female, because they think middle aged people have no experience with computers and, to quote one particularly ignorant comment I’ve heard, “Someone’s grandma isn’t gonna be interest in gaming.”


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