Magic Wand Scanners for $23 and Up

I have written often about the Magic Wand scanners that slip into a purse or a larger coat pocket. Genealogists usually can find dozens of uses for these. I use then for scanning pages from old books and for scanning the utility bills printed on paper that I receive in the mail. I prefer other scanners for making digital images of photographs, especially color photos.

The Daily Steals web site is offering a variety of Magic Wand scanners with different capabilities at ridiculous prices: only $23 for the basic scanner and $59 for the top-of-the line Magic Wand scanner with built-in wi-fi networking. Those prices even include free shipping to U.S. addresses.

At these prices, the scanners will sell out quickly. You can find them at


Is the resolution as good as it is for the Flip Pal or other scanners? I would like to use one for old photo albums or ones with color photos where I can’t get the photos out.


    The Magic Wand scanners have very good resolution but not as good as the scanners designed for reproducing photographs. I have had excellent luck scanning black-and-white photographs with a Magic Wand scanner but find that scanning color photos is not as good. The color doesn’t seem as bright and crisp with the Magic Wand as it does with the Flip-Pal or with a traditional desktop scanner.


I have an older Magic Wand scanner and it stretches or otherwise distorts the size of photos. I would not recommend it for anything other than “quick & dirty” scanning of books or other non-historic documents. Tech help there was no help. They dropped the ball continually and remedies did not work.


I snapped one up immediately. Three were offered and I got the “highest price” one — All of $27. But it appeared to have the best quality results. Has a short little video, etc. I do have a Flip-Pal first generation and love it. But … oh heck. I love gadgets. 🙂

Thanks for posting this Dick. I’d never heard of these folks before. BTW — setting up an account was a piece of cake and I used Paypal to order it. Again, quick & easy.


They offer one with over 1000 dpi which should handle most scanning for $27 which includes S&H. Thanks Dick and keep these ideas coming.


Dodi Matheny Wozniak August 6, 2014 at 7:16 pm

I bought one on clearance from Staples for $9.99 with free shipping about a year ago. It is great for books and sheets of paper. I also have the Flip Pal. Different tools for different jobs. Very portable too!


I took Dick’s advice about this just about a year ago. This has to be one of the most useful tools around. No more waiting in line for the photocopier! Scanning material at home while I watch TV. It has its’ limits, such as with tightly bound books that cannot be safely or easily opened to accommodate the scanner. And operator klutziness can be a factor (scanning unevenly or too fast). Not the best for photos, where I want a crisp vibrant image and generally use a high resolution, but awesome for documents.


Exactly which device would be best then for an old photo album that you do not want to disturb too much and from which you do not want to remove the photos – the Flip Pal, the wand type scanner or a camera? I would want the sharpest picture I could get.


I probably am a little late but does that website take credit card payments?


Looks great, price is right, came in 3 days, BUT it does NOT include one vital piece – the microSD memory card. I looked all over for it and finally found in the instructions the depressing words “not included”.


I,too, found there was no Micro SD card and that requires another purchase. Also, mine was marked “refurb” and that was a surprise. I do not blame Dick but the website where I purchased the item for the lack of complete information. Good thing it was not an item that cost much more.
Again we learn the lesson of Caveat Emptor!


They may be okay for library use, but most archives flat-out ban any sort of wand or wipe scanner around original documents.

Double-check before you bring one on a research trip – you wouldn’t want to be turned away from the building.


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