On the Road Again, This Time to Scotland

As I often write in this newsletter, I will be traveling for a while. This time it is a bit different: I am going on a longer trip and I am combining genealogy with tourism.

I am leaving Thursday morning, August 21, and will be gone for ten days, returning home on August 31. My primary purpose of the trip is to attend the Who Do You Think You Are? Live expo in Glasgow, Scotland. However, I am leaving a week early to (1.) get used to the time zone change and (2.) to be a tourist traveling around Scotland. I will spend some time in the Highlands and on the Isle of Skye. I will also stop by Loch Ness to check on the status of Nessie.

I will be traveling with an iPad and a laptop computer, a wireless cellular modem, and wi-fi networking as well so I should be able to post new newsletter articles while I am traveling. However, I doubt if I will have much time available. As a result, you may not see as many new articles posted here as normal for a few days. However, I do hope to post reports and pictures from the Who Do You Think You Are? Live expo in Glasgow.

A note to Plus Edition subscribers: I normally send weekly email newsletters on Sunday evenings. However, next Sunday I expect to be in a small hotel in the Highlands that may or may not have wi-fi installed. The following Sunday I will spend many hours in the air, over the Atlantic, returning home. I suspect that both weekly newsletters will be delayed a day or two but will be sent eventually. Please don’t be surprised if the newsletter does not appear in your in-box at the time it normally does.


Have a super trip, Dick. Any room in your suitcase for me?


    I travel light: one carry-on case. Will you fit?


    Barbara Curtindale August 22, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Be sure to pack rain gear and a warm jacket! Been there, done that. How do you fit all that electronic gear & clothes in a carry on??


    —> How do you fit all that electronic gear & clothes in a carry on??

    Easy. Two changes of clothes plus what I am wearing (and laundry every two or three days) plus an iPad Mini with an external keyboard (that I am using at this moment) plus a cell phone. That and a shaving kit fits easily into a small bag that is easy to carry.


When you see Nessie say hi for me!


Have a good trip, Dick! It’s a great country to visit.


    I may be Irish, but I think the Highlands, especially Glencoe and Rannach Moor, are the most beautiful places on earth. If you want cheap, cheesy, and fun(?), don’t miss the Loch Ness Museum in Drumnadrochit, but only if it’s raining and there is NOTHING else to do…:) Enjoy your trip!


My sister and brother-in-law ,who is a published Glaswegian poet would be more that willing to show you around Glasgow. If you have the time and wish to be shown around please email me and I will give you their details If not, I will not be offended Dick as I appreciate how busy you will be.


Have a great trip. A chabde is good for all of us.


Scotland is wonderful. I second Glencoe and the rest of the Highlands. Glasgow is a great walking town. I am jealous!


Dick, If you pass thru Dull, Scotland, watch for the sign that pairs Dull with Boring OR. Be sure to ask about the pairing.


If you like corned beef hash, then a “haggis supper” (haggis and chups) is a must from most fiish&chip shops; and Holyrood House in Edinburgh the most interesting and original of all the old buildings where the queen slept in tiny room (and her boyfriend was dragged out). Nessie museum is just a collection of blurry photos you’ve seen before and failed explorations. But lots of very old cemeteries and derelict big houses (called castles) and friendly people. If you are lucky you will hear a piper practicing on the moors as you drive by the deserted roads.


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