Will Ancestry.com Add Family Health Info to Autosomal DNA Genetic Genealogy Service?

An article in the BioArray News, written by Justin Petrone, speculates that Ancestry.com may expand its genetic genealogy services to include family health-related information. A company spokesperson confirmed that the firm is in the “early stages of exploring family health history as a part of our company’s offering,” but declined to further elaborate.

You can read Justin Petrone’s article at http://goo.gl/baIkLy. (You will have to create a user name and password before you can read the article.)


Hi Dick,
Actually, Justin credits an article by Angie Bush on my blog for this information/speculation. http://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/2014/08/ancestrycom-sends-out-health-survey-to.html


Since ancestry.com appears to have significant trouble keeping just it’s main site up and functional due to countless computing problems, I question how many of its customers would trust ancestry’s accuracy regarding any of their health information, even if ancestry provided such. If you want to see the extent of customers’ frustrations, just look at the Facebook page for ancestry.com’s products, and click on the heading “posts to page” below the “people” segment.


Seems to me that’s exactly what got 23and me in trouble. I’m happy with what I got from FamilytreeDNA. I have no desire for them to start holding medical information about me. If I needed medical DNA testing I think I’d find a specialist. Getting medical information from a genealogical testing service seems to me like going to a car wash to get your engine rebuilt.


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