Update: Create Your Own Who Do You Think You Are? Story with FindMyPast

A bit more than two weeks ago, I wrote about a new service entitled, Create Your Own Who Do You Think You Are? Story with FindMyPast.co.uk.” Note the letters “.co.uk” on the end of the address. Near the end of the article, I wrote, “The historical information added by FindMyPast seems to feature mostly U.K. events. That isn’t surprising as the service is being offered on FindMyPast’s U.K. web site at FindMyPast.co.uk. If this new beta test becomes successful, I might guess it will later be offered in versions for the U.S. as well as for other countries.”

It looks like my guess was correct. The service is now available with U.S. historical events included in the timelines. For an example of a family story using U.S. history and timelines, look at Josh Taylor’s family story at http://goo.gl/jUze3o.

The following announcement was written by the folks at FindMypast:

The Who Do You Think You Are? Story website allows you to create your own personalised Who Do You Think You Are? story quickly, easily and for free, to share with friends and family. All you need to do is simply add in the details you know about your own immediate family, and Who Do You Think You Are? Story will create a unique visual experience. Not only will it feature key events in your family’s history, but it will also pull in important contemporary issues which would have had an impact on their lives.

Over 12,000 stories have been created already, each one a unique and touching portrait to be saved for posterity or shared with loved ones. From tales of lion-taming ancestors, to families reunited after generations apart, every Who Do You Think You Are? Story reveals a unique adventure. What will your story look like?

Drawing information from Findmypast’s extensive archive of historical records, British newspaper cuttings, exclusive images, war records and much more, Who Do You Think You Are? Story brings history to life. The site has been designed to cater for those who have done little or no family history research as well as those who have already started their own research.

Follow Minnie’s footsteps, see some examples and create your family story at www.whodoyouthinkyouarestory.com.

One Comment

Not so happy with this site. It doesn’t recognize any towns where my family members were born. ;(


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