How to Make Gmail Always Place this Newsletter in the In-box, not in the Spam Folder

I like Gmail but there is one issue with Gmail that really annoys me. Gmail’s spam filters look at every new incoming email message and then make a decision whether to place the message in the In-box, in the Spam folder, or to block it entirely. Often, those spam filters place the EOGN newsletters in the Spam Folder.

Luckily, you can easily change Gmail’s defaults and tell the mail service to always place any message containing this newsletter into the In-box, never in the Spam Folder. To do so:

1. Open a web browser, go to and log in using your normal method.

2. Click on the icon near the upper right corner that looks like a gear.

3. That will open a pull-down menu listing several items. Click on SETTINGS.

4. You will next see a screen with many options listed. Select FILTERS.

5. The next page will show all the filters you already have specified, if any. (I have dozens of filters to separate my incoming email messages.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CREATE A NEW FILTER.

6. A new data-entry box will appear. In the space labeled From, enter the appropriate email address and leave all the other fields empty.

NOTE: The Plus Edition is sent by so Plus Edition subscribers need to enter that email address. The free Standard Edition is sent by so Standard Edition subscribers need to enter that email address. If you wish to receive BOTH the Standard and Plus Editions, you will need to go through these instructions twice, once for each edition.


7. In the next menu that appears, select NEVER SEND IT TO SPAM, then click on CREATE FILTER.

8. You are done! All future email newsletters will be placed into your Gmail In-box, not in the Spam folder.


Do you know how to do this with Yahoo Mail?


my aol email always wouldn’t accept ancestry newsletters so I had to get a gmail accoount just for ancestry newsletters


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