New Images Added to PERSI

The Periodical Source Index, or PERSI, is the largest subject index to genealogy and local history periodical articles in the world. It is an index to more than 2.5 million entries from thousands of historical, genealogical and ethnic publications. Most of PERSI’s articles are from periodicals covering the United States and Canada, but you can also find thousands of genealogy and local history entries (in both English and French) from Britain, Ireland and Australia.

Created by the staff of the Allen County Public Library Foundation and the ACPL’s Genealogy Center, PERSI is widely recognized as a vital tool for genealogical researchers. For years, PERSI was available in a series of books but now is available online at the FindMyPast web site. PERSI is updated frequently. Now FindMyPast has images to the indexes, allowing the user to access articles, photos, and other material that might be difficult to find using other research methods. PERSI’s titles may be searched free of charge although viewing the contents found requires a paid FindMyPast subscription.

According to the FindMyPast Blog, the list of images added to periodicals in the past month include:

Aberdeen Journal Notes and Queries, 1908-1914
Ancestor, 1903-1905
American Historical Magazine/Americana With V.4n.4, 1906-1909
Americana, 1909-1923
American Colonial Tracts Monthly, 1897-1898
American Heraldic Journal, 1901-1902
American Irish Historical Society Journal, 1898-1900; 1904-1907; 1909-1922
American Quarterly Register / Quarterly Register and Journal of the American Education Society, 1827-1843
Biennial Report of the Department of Archives & History, 1904; 1915
Cayuga County Historical Society Collections, 1879; 1882; 1889-1890
Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, 1834-1838; 1840-1841; 1843
Connecticut Historical Society Annual Report, 1890-1923
Cork Historical and Archaelogical Society Journal, 1896
Curio, 1887-1888
Deutsche Pionier, 1869-1873
Dutchess County Historical Society Year Book, 1914-1916; 1918-1919; 1921

You can search PERSI at

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