How I Organize Evernote: A Peek Inside My Personal System

In a recent article, I described the system I use for organizing digital photographs and all sorts of other documents on my computer’s hard drive and in online backups.

I was planning to write a similar article about organizing all sorts of information within Evernote, one of the handiest programs available for genealogists and for millions of other computer users as well. However, when researching the article on the World Wide Web, I found that Michael Hyatt had already written an article about that and his methods are similar to my own. He doesn’t write about genealogy uses of Evernote but most of what he writes applies to genealogy as well as to thousands of other topics.

Michael starts off his article by writing, “I often refer to Evernote as my digital brain.” I feel almost the same except I might write, “I often refer to Evernote as my digital memory.” It is where I store anything I might need to reference later.

I don’t see much sense in my writing a duplicate of something that has already been described. Instead, if you are an Evernote user or are thinking of adding Evernote to your digital toolbox, I suggest you read Michael’s article at

I will say that I probably use fewer notebooks than Michael Hyatt does. However, I do use tags extensively.


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A few months ago I decided to finally give Evernote a try in my never-ending attempt to organize my genealogy and I’ve been slowly but surely using it to get all my digital files organized. I have found some limitations with it however, mainly the inability to nest notebooks and stacks. This repost is a great article explaining the importance of tagging your notes and using tags to get around the nesting issue. I’ve already played around with it a bit today and I’m loving it so far!


I’m going to take a look at this. I do most of my saving on drop box as a back up, but the organize element is pretty poor on db. Thanks for the peek in!!


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