FGS 2015 and RootsTech 2015 Together: How Will That Work?

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) has held an annual conference for many years. RootsTech also has held annual conferences in the past few years. In a few months, the two organizations will do something unusual: they will each hold their own conferences in the same facility at the same time. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and RootsTech are teaming up to bring you that event in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 11–14 at the Salt Palace Convention Center (SPCC). Yes, two conferences, one location.

This radical change will provide two genealogy conferences happening at the same time under one roof while sharing some activities, sessions, and space. There will be only one exhibitors’ hall. How will all that work? Most of the answers are given at http://voice.fgs.org/2014/09/two-conferences-one-location-how-will.html.

I attend several genealogy every year, including most of the FGS conferences and the RoostTech conferences. This year, I get to attend two of them for slightly more than the cost of one. That is, I do have to pay for registration at each, although a combined registration is being offered for a significant discount. The cost savings is the result of only purchasing one round-trip airfare, one hotel room, and the meals for the four days. That is much cheaper than attending two traditional conferences in separate cities with two airfares as well as hotel rooms and meals for eight days. I am strongly in favor of saving a significant amount of money! I’ll be in Salt Lake City February 11 to 14.

If you would like to attend two genealogy conferences for the price of one plus a very few dollars more, what better place could it happen than in Salt Lake City? I suggest you add in a few extra days before or after the conferences to spend time researching at the Family History Library.

Check out the details offered at http://voice.fgs.org/2014/09/two-conferences-one-location-how-will.html.


I’m registered to attend both conferences, but I think it’s a bad idea to combine the two events. I have attended three of the last four RootsTech events, and there were so many interesting sessions that I wanted to attend, but couldn’t, because I couldn’t be in two places at the same time. Now with double the sessions to be offered during the day, that will frustrate attendees even more. Sure, it’s only one plane ticket to buy, and only one hotel stay, but when you can’t attend the additional sessions, what’s the advantage? This idea of combining the conferences seems to be a case of “anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.” Hopefully after the 2015 joint conferences, event planners will agree.

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I’ve never attended either of them before, but wow… I tried to locate a room in one of the four hotels mentioned in their ad for the event (I called at the beginning of October) – and the rooms they set aside under the discount price had already been snatched up at all four locations. I still may go.. I’m just not familiar with SLC, so need to figure out if there are other hotels close enough to not get lost.. 😀 ~LOL!


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