Find A Grave Adds a New Upload and Transcribe Beta

The folks at Find A Grave have just launched a new Upload and Transcribe beta at Find A Grave. With this new feature, you can upload a whole trip’s worth of cemetery headstone photos and transcribe them in either new memorials, or attach the photos easily to existing memorials. The new software allows users to upload multiple photos at once, easily transcribe uploaded photos, get help, help others, and to provide feedback.

Details may be found in the Blog at:


While I applaud the hard work of Find A Grave volunteers who have struggled to learn about individuals in local cemeteries, I increasingly see incorrect information on Find A Grave mirroring incorrect information @ Ancestry. It’s a loss of an independent source.


    Sean is correct. FAG started out as a noble effort by volunteers, but it’s become a website for misinformation and frustration … 1) lack of source citations (or sometimes outright lifting of legit research info from other websites without credit to them), 2) a rehash of incorrect or unsourced info posted at Ancestry, 3) and gamers … a handful of people who make it a contest to see how many memorials they can claim without any real info, other than maybe DOB, DOD, and cemetery location (of little value to advanced researchers doing their own family tree). My interest in FAG has fallen as the problems continue to fester, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


Sean and Ken are correct about the incorrect information in the memorials on Find A Grave. And, indeed, there are a few memorial builders who think it is a Family Tree database. However, one must keep in mind that Find A Grave is just that — a means to locate a grave and, hopefully, obtain a photo of the head stone. It’s not supposed to be a general genealogy search site or a world family tree.


    What I don’t understand is why so many people withhold permission to copy headstones they photograph. Such a pompous attitude. Do they want to be paid a fee to let someone have a photo of their ancestor’s headstone? Just doesn’t make good genealogical vibes.


Sean, Ken and Clay are correct. Findagrave used to be Find A Grave. Now that it’s ancestryfindagrave it is only an extension of ancestry; multiplying the misinformation at ancestry. In just the few years I’ve been doing genealogy I see the factual information at ancestry falling dramatically. The “facts” cobbled together from all the trees and churned into a hint is just getting to be awful. I have seen my own facts that I put on an individual’s page turned into an ancestry green leaf and then offered back to me as a hint for that person! What if I don’t know what I’m talking about! What if I am not careful and find a Joe Jones so it must be the Joe Jones I’m looking for? Just because he’s not married to the woman he’s supposed to be married to, doesn’t live in the right country, and has children with names that don’t match my family, he is after all Joe Jones. And then all that gets posted on findagrave. I would like to see ancestryfindagrave turned back into Find A Grave. With the option of anyone adding content to a memorial it’s just going to get worse. Stop the option of altering a memorial I have made. Leave the option to contact me with information so that I have the opportunity to fact check. It’s not necessary to add census to a grave stone page.


I agree! I am seeing tons of duplicates and incorrect info on lately. The one feature I like is allowing us to edit incorrect info.


    I don’t agree with the edit ability. I prefer to have a post it note where every user can see the other information given and hopefully the source where found to prove it is the correct material. I do that on many sites that I happen to open and know the information is in error. I always give the source along with corrected information. Then the viewer can decide who’s info to trust. Regarding the photo usage- IF you give credit to the original photographer that should be fine. I have nearing three video/photo boxes of photos of tombstones of everyone in my trees that I hope to post someday. I keep a file card with each photo, with all pertinent information: name (incl maiden name) b,bp, m date, spouse, d, dp, cause, parents, burial place. These were all photos taken by myself all over the USA & Canada.


I give Find-a-Grave a B+. In the last few years I have found many new family members thanks to the occasional obituaries and links to other persons and where they are buried. I use Ancestry and like the ease of a click and I am looking at the person’s grave.
I had not realized the address has changed to ancestryfindagrave .
I wish Ancestry would concentrate on their search shortcomings.


If we look at FAG as a tool, like any other tool, it is a wonderful resource. There are going to be errors and misposts because researchers are at all different experience levels and with different goals. It is up to us to do our own checking and documenting of facts. Been at this a long time and compared to even ten years ago….wow!


I shared my great uncle’s find a grave memory on facebook for my friends and family to see, I just looked at the post and there is a photo been added, I don’t know the person in the photo and I never posted the photo. so how did it get there ,


I agree with the posts of where dates and burial locations being absent, and creating family trees and such. I am one of those who have made such posts, with the intent, not of building a family tree on F.a.G, but to hopefully getting information and help on locating lost family members. I have had success with this method.


I have had their staff privately email me requesting for exact locations to certain famous graves I had photographed which the family had asked to keep private and when I followed up later on I saw that particular member had gone and replaced my original photo with theirs and exposed the location. I have even found staff replacing other famous graves I had shot a while back with their own photos. They have even keep the low quality photos of graves posted refusing to replace them with better ones so they don’t lose the credit. This site has definitely declined because the people handling it are opportunists hoping to claim fame by being the noted photographer. There is no respect for the dead on this site nor for the photographers who actually do the field work in the first place.

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