Mocavo Offers an Open Access Weekend

Mocavo recently introduced a new interactive census viewer that adds a lot of new functionality. You can now try that out, along with many other things, in a free access weekend. Like most other web sites that offer free access for a limited time, you will have to create an account but this weekend’s access is free. The following was written by the folks at Mocavo:

Celebrate Family History Month with an Open Access Weekend

What better way to celebrate Family History Month than with an Open Access Weekend? From now until Monday at 11:00PM ET, you can enjoy complimentary access to all Mocavo Gold search features and the brand new Mocavo Census Viewer! Customarily you need to be a Mocavo Gold member to search all of our fascinating content at once, but for this weekend only, you can search more than 420,000 databases to your heart’s content. Simply log in to your Mocavo account and discover an easier way to research your family history.


So much for seeing the Census records. First I put in a name I already had that census for, so know they are there, it says “No Results”, then when it finally found an 1870 census, and you click on it, it says “Sorry We Hit a Brick Wall, page no longer exists. WHAT, is this not the Census records that are supposed to be free this weekend.
When I found other books, and clicked on it, up came the pop up, Join Mocavo now. At no time did it say this was the free weekend search promised. It did not tell me to set up an account. Wasn’t this supposed to be full census access?


I did the same thing and entered a search for a person that I had already found all cencus records. I was asked to set up an account however. And then…they gave me eight names that had not spouse or info enough to id the right person. So I had to open them all up one at a time to see which was correct. and offer much better ways to search. This site kept skipping around and then making a search each time under my access last name for no reason as I do not ask it to search that name. After 15 minutes of going in circles I quit. This is a very inafective search page unless you have zero access to any cencus records. And then you are better off paying for another site or using Big waste of time, even for a Free Weekend.


Mocavo did the same thing on me, searched and gave results on my last name, which is not my maiden name. I did not ask for that search. Not a very user friendly site. When I did get to some printed sources it was easy to read them. Not sure this site has it together.


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