Compare Yourself to Your Ancestors’ Photographs

Christine McConnell has pictures of her maternal ancestors, starting with her mother and going back to her great-great-great-grandmother Martha, born in 1821. While looking at their pictures in a photo album, Christine decided she wanted to be in the photographs as well. The Los Angeles-based stylist and photographer worked her visual magic to make that happen. The results are impressive.

In a series of side-by-side tributes, McConnell recreates old images of her family, traveling through her maternal line over the course of two centuries. She arranged her hair and found clothing that closely matched the photographs and then took a picture of herself. She now displays her new photos beside each ancestor. Here is one example:

You can see all the photographs at You may be able to do the same.

My thanks to newsletter reader Nancy Hand SeDoris for telling me about the photographs.


This is really cool. The family resemblance had certainly been maintained through the generations and using the same type of garments and hairdo, really lends to making it more real.


By using a stereoscope (or, more easily and more quickly) just focusing on a point half way from the two pictures (thereby superimposing the two images) you can easily see in the “shimmer” where the two differ and where they do not.


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