A Message for Plus Edition Subscribers

The Plus Edition version of the newsletter is sent to every Plus Edition subscriber once a week. Usually it is on Sunday evenings although occasionally it will be on Monday. The process works well although not perfectly.

Based upon feedback from Plus Edition subscribers, I am guessing that about 95% to 98% of the email messages get delivered to the addressees. The other 2% to 5% get blocked by spam filters in the receiving email servers. Sadly, that is a very common for all individuals and companies that send a lot of email messages, especially if they are long messages. The longer the message, the more likely it will be blocked by spam filters.

The problem seems to be getting worse in the past few weeks. I am receiving more and more reports of non-delivery these days. Luckily, there is a simple solution.

Every Plus Edition subscriber can ALWAYS read the latest Plus Edition newsletter and the two previous editions at any time, regardless of what your email provider does to your inbox, at: https://eognplus.com. That will always work.

If the problem continues to get worse, I will probably stop sending the email messages. Instead, I will ask each Plus Edition subscriber to read the newsletters online at https://eognplus.com as that always works.

You might want to read the information at https://blog.eogn.com/why-a-plus-edition-subscriber-might-not-receive-the-newsletter/ as it explains that the only ones who can fix the problem are the folks at your email provider. AOL members will want to read the information at https://blog.eogn.com/aol-email-problem/.


Have you considered only sending what’s new since the LAST Plus Edition e-mail? That would shorten the messages, cut the volume you have to push, and save space in our drives since there would be no overlap in content of that overlap.


    Each Plus Edition newsletter contains about 90% new material.


    Not to sound like a contrarian, but I find it very useful that Dick includes a list of all recent articles the way he does. Sometimes I’m too busy to read all the new articles, or think I’m not interested in some, but at a later time, when I happen to see them further down the list, I either have more time on my hands or decide that I really am interested or curious about articles I previously passed over, and then click on them to read them on the web.
    As far as space on our drives, I delete the emails after reading or scanning them, another reason I like the previous list repeatedly appearing. If I want to permanently keep an entire article, I save it from the web to my hard drive as a pdf. Many are real keepers, but that’s a more efficient way to keep them, in my humble opinion.


    Not contrarian at all…I completely concur. Often I think “I’ll catch that on Sunday when I have more time (and don’t need to key my ID + password).” I meant that plus emails on Sunday should include everything SINCE the preceding Sunday…not back before.


    —> I meant that plus emails on Sunday should include everything SINCE the preceding Sunday…not back before.

    The Sunday eveningPlus Edition email messages have ALWAYS included “everything SINCE the preceding Sunday…not back before.” That has always been true since the very first Plus Edition newsletter.


    Sorry. I’ll shut up now. Nothing meant to be critical, Dick…I’ve subscribed to and even edited quite a number of paid newsletters over my life, and yours is far away the most meaty and best produced of any in any industry…including several with staff rosters considerably larger than one!


    No problem. Please feel free to offer suggestions for improvements at ANY time!


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