A New Family Relationship Chart and Infographic

Crestleaf has created a family relationship chart to explain how you’re related to other people and start asking yourself questions, including:

  • How exactly am I related to Uncle Bob, who I only see once a year?
  • There are a bunch of kids running around these days – how do they fit into the family tree?
  • How in the world do I fit into all of this?
  • Boy, these people are weird. Am I completely sure I’m related to them?

I have seen many other relationship charts before but must say this is one of the easier ones to read and understand. Take a look at http://crestleaf.com/blog/relative-family-relationship-chart/. (Once you arrive on the site, double-click on the image to view a larger version.)


The slight offset of the generational levels is a bit annoying. You, your siblings and first cousins, etc. should be aligned straight across.

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    I agree, and don;t know why they used different sized people icons. Also, why not fill the chart and extend all lines down to 4th G Grandchild level? It would not take up any more space.

    Nonetheless, it is an interesting and useful chart, better than most I have seen trying to show these relationships (maybe it would have convinced my mother that the child of my first cousin is NOT my second cousin ).


    I agree. I tried to figure out this format for at least 15 minutes and finally gave up. For me, the straight across/straight down format is a lot more intuitive.


    I have to agree. Thanks to the weird offset if you didn’t know what you were looking at to start with this chart wouldn’t help you find anything. That said (and they might not be impressed) with the logos chopped out it makes a really cool desktop.


I find this chart to be confusing. I understand the definition of the terms in each column, but I do not understand the mechanism for determining relationships. I must be dense or it is do early in the morning


I understand thee relationship definitions, but I do not understand the method for determining them–even in the simplest. For example how does one find the relationship of my grandchild to my parent? Apparently I am too dense or it is too early in the morning.


Does NOT print out – tried 3 times – only prints top left side – will not print rest as tried to put in p. 2 etc. Anyone else able to print?


    With the graphic displayed on your computer go to the top left and click on “File”. From there select “Print Preview”. Switch to “Landscape” and adjust the “Scale” percentage if needed. The next time you print something you’ll have to do the same and set the settings back to where they were.


Now if there was a way to import your own genealogy into it and then print it out!


Dick, Thanks for publishing the this chart. Very informative, easy to read and helpful.
Prints well also.


Thanks…. I appreciate the chart!


My grandmother’s sister passed away. What is my relationship? Would she be considered a great Aunt?


This is a great chart Dick, thanks for sharing this! I actually used this at our Easter brunch this past weekend to help narrow down the correct relations in our extended family. And I actually tried the Crestleaf website (who made the chart) and absolutely LOVE it! What a great addition to the genealogy community, if you haven’t checked out the site yet. Was able to instantly get my tree going and while I had family there, connected them and our tree really started to take shape.


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