Vita Infinita Hopes to Connect Socially Active Relatives Worldwide

Vita Infinita is a web site under development. There is almost nothing available on the site just yet except for a tantalizing statement: “Vita Infinita is a web application that allows users to connect with socially active relatives worldwide, crowdsource the family relationships, collect personal memories and organise them in a simple genealogy and timeline system for the future generations.”

The site does say that it will maintain privacy as well as to allow collaboration amongst relatives to build a family tree.

The is registered to an individual in Bratislava, Slovakia.

You can see the little bit of information that is already available online at You can also register on that page to obtain early access to the site when it becomes ready for beta testers.


They seem to like buzzwords, for sure.


    Which one is your favourite?.)


    Gosh, if this were a drinking game I’d be a happy camper right about now:
    web application…connect with socially active relatives…crowdsource…timeline system. Add some “fast paced environment” and “solution oriented” and you’ll be ready for the Fortune 500 in no time.
    Best wishes on your new venture.


I found even the “get early Access” link did nothing. Such a slick web site opened up before it actually does anything makes me not want to trust it.


    Dear Ken Nagel,
    Thank you for your comment and for your interest to get early access.
    If the following message was shown after you clicked on “Get early access” button: “Thank you! Please tell your friends and relatives about us.”
    then your email is successfully listed on our mailing list. But if you want to make sure, you can drop us an email – or subscribe again.

    The reason why you haven’t received any confirmation email is that we decided to not go along with the double opt-in email subscription process to avoid spamming the subscribers unnecessarily. On the other hand, you’re completely correct that confirmation email would make sense here. Excuse us for the misunderstanding, we will make our subscription process more clear.

    Thank you again for your feedback,

    Have a nice day,
    Majo Balko (founder of Vita Infinita)


After looking at the web site, I would trust this as nothing more than a scam. Who would be foolish enough to give their email address when there is NOTHING to see? It’s like getting an email from your grandson in Timbuktu asking for money because he is stranded, only you have no grandson.


    Dear Irene,

    Thank you for your comment. What did you mean by “nothing to see”? 🙂
    If there is something obscure about our product, feel free to contact us with questions and we will do our best to reply.

    Have a nice day,
    Majo Balko (founder of Vita Infinita)


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