Famous Kin of Thomas Jefferson

Click on the above image to view the full sized infographic on the Crestview site.

Crestleaf has an interesting infographic that helps confirm the idea that everyone is related to most everyone else. The infographic shows many of the notable Americans who are related to Thomas Jefferson, ranging from George Washington to Paris Hilton.

Of course, millions of other, less notable, people are also related to Thomas Jefferson and, through him, to all the others shown in the Crestleaf infographic at http://goo.gl/6bS1Ai.


What a hoot! 11th Cousins? Ralph de Neville? Edward I? Interesting but not earth-shattering. It’s posters like this which make genealogists look foolish once the general public finds out how common 11th cousins are.


    My niece and her husband are 11th cousins, found when checking if his surname linked to my paternal grandmother with the same maiden surname. It wasn’t but another surname in his family was familiar and traced back to their common ancestor.


“notable American” Paris Hilton – you’ve got to be kidding


With all the Black children fathered by Thomas Jefferson I was surprised to see his chart so “white washed”. Very poor research.


I’m wondering if Thomas Jefferson is related to President Obama. He is also a descendent of king Edward I as well as William the Lion of Scotland. http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-related-to-many-u-s-presidents-including-bush


Thomas Jefferson is my 3rd cousin seven times removed. His great grandmother and my 7th great grandmother were sisters. However,
I have no claim to being famous.


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