Book Review: The Veterans Cemetery. Esquimalt, British Columbia. God’s Acre.

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

The Veterans Cemetery. Esquimalt, British Columbia. God’s Acre.
Compiled and edited by Harvey A. Buckmaster. Published by the Victoria Genealogical Society, Victoria, BC. Revised and updated 2014 Edition. 230 pages.

The Veteran’s Cemetery, known as God’s Acre, has been magnificently transcribed and re-published by the Victoria Genealogical Society, following a previously published volume in 2000.

The compilers have recorded marker transcriptions exactly as inscribed on the tombstones, with additional Notes added by the compilers to include additional genealogical information such as birth and death dates when available and not included on the markers.

The compilers have recorded the lists in the same order as burials, and we can see who is buried next to whom, information as valuable as the burials themselves.

For example, the chapter describing Section F of the cemetery begins the list with the persons in Row 01, then lists the persons in Row 02. Two transcriptions:

CAMPBELL, Alexander McLaughlan F-Row-01-P-0761
Q.M.S. / Alexander M. CAMPBELL / C.A.M.C. C.E.F. / 20th Sept., 1949 / Rest in Peace

CAMPBELL, Kenneth F-Row-01-P-0761
Kenneth CAMPBELL CD / Lieutenant (E) R.C.N. / March 1 1917 – August 16 2002 / Finished With Main Engines
Notes: Flat Stone. Son of A. M. Campbell

We can conclude that Kenneth Campbell and A.[lexander] M.[cLauchlen] Campbell are indeed son and father, because they’re buried in the same plot, and we don’t need to rely solely on the Notes (Flat Stone, Son of A.M. Campbell) of the transcriber.

The index includes over 2600 names

Such meticulous and painstaking indexing is demanding work, but yields an enlightening and immensely useful cemetery book. The work of the organization is to be commended for such a carefully constructed cemetery book, a distinctive memorial to the interred.

The Veterans Cemetery. Esquimalt, British Columbia. God’s Acre. is available from the Victoria Genealogical Society at

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