Findmypast Continues to Grow

Findmypast today issued a rather interesting press release. The company continues to grow rapidly, which is obvious to many people in the genealogy community who watch the companies that serve the genealogy marketplace. However, this press release is unusual in that it directly compares the growth of Findmypast’s customer base to that of its largest competitor. I was a bit surprised to read the side-by-side comparison in a press release. It is also the first of many announcements I expect to be issued this week at the combined RootsTech and Federation of Genealogical Societies’ conferences in Salt Lake City.

The following is the press release from Findmypast:

Findmypast continues to grow as Ancestry loses subscribers

  • Thanks to loyal subscribers, innovative technology and an international team, Findmypast gains subscribers while Ancestry’s numbers fall
  • As one of the fastest growing family history companies, Findmypast is challenging the status quo of the industry by acting on their belief that genealogy should be accessible to everyone.
  • Findmypast will be making a series of exciting announcements each day at industry show RootsTech

Salt Lake City, Utah, 11 February 2015. In a highly competitive market, family history site continues to grow. According to Ancestry’s annual report, Ancestry’s subscriber numbers fell by 25K year on year in 2014, while Findmypast’s active subscribers rose by 34K year on year for the same period.

Millions of new records – added faster than ever before

In the last year, Findmypast has added millions of records to help everyone discover their family’s story. Their collection now boasts over 2 billion records including thousands of unique records that cannot be found anywhere else.

Through their Findmypast Fridays project, the company continues to add thousands of new record sets every week. In addition to these new records, last year Findmypast’s sister site, Mocavo, added more than 1,000 databases every day, granting customers free access to more than 8 billion names. Altogether, Findmypast has more than 10 billion names and records available to help people everywhere find and connect their family.

New records and family history experiences to help everyone bring their past to life

Over the past year, Findmypast announced a partnership with FamilySearch, and the acquisition of In May, they launched Lives of The First World War, enabling everyone to build the stories of their World War 1 ancestors, and in June, they released Who Do You Think You Are? Story, an online family history storytelling platform.

In the past couple weeks, Findmypast site The British Newspaper Archive announced the publication of their 10 millionth historic newspaper page. This important archive, along with their ScotlandsPeople site, their rich Irish records collection, and the upcoming 1939 Register for England and Wales, makes Findmypast the best place to research your family history, wherever you’re from.

Findmypast is now announcing many new projects to build on their recent successes and expand the family history category even further.

Family history should be accessible to everyone

Findmypast is challenging the status quo of the genealogy industry by making family history accessible to everyone, through a combination of more free data, automated search tools, and ensuring that your data always remains your own.

  • Findmypast site Mocavo’s data is free, and will remain so forever.
  • Findmypast’s recently launched free Hints service moves research beyond the rigorous search process, and allows the site to discover connections for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The ability to build or upload a tree to Findmypast for free, as well as the ability to export it freely anytime and anywhere ensures your data remains yours.
  • More partnerships to be announced this week.

Findmypast at RootsTech

At RootsTech, the world’s largest family history event, Findmypast will be showcasing new features and record sets to help genealogists make meaningful discoveries. They’re looking forward to meeting family history experts and enthusiasts and sharing more information about the exciting developments they’ll be announcing.

Findmypast Executive Vice President, Ben Bennett, said ‘This is a hugely exciting time for Findmypast. We are announcing exciting partnerships and projects at RootsTech which will make family history accessible to a new audience, and making it easier than ever to bring your past to life. We’re really looking forward to continuing to shake up the family history industry and help more people connect with their family’s story. This week we announce the first instalment of many exciting things to come for anyone who wants to discover and connect with their family’.

Findmypast keynote presentation on Friday, February 13th at 8:30am.

Hosted by Findmypast’s Family History Director, D. Joshua Taylor, the Findmypast keynote presentation will reveal the new initiatives the company is taking on in 2015.

Findmypast will also be making a series of exciting announcements throughout the week. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with the latest announcements. (; @findmypastus)

Please visit Findmypast at stand 304 in the RootTech Exhibit hall from Thursday through Saturday.


It may have more and more records but I have spent most of today trying to view an image of a newspaper article on the uk version. I thought at first that my internet was at fault but other sites load OK. Maybe less of the expansion and back patting and more making sure their subscribers can actually access the records.


“Findmypast continues to grow as Ancestry loses subscribers” actually may sound catchy and get good business results, but it sounds petty to me. I’d much rather see them congratulating, or even partnering for the good of the community. This is like the start of a bad political speech. That word choice aside, I am pleased with the efforts of both companies. They are not perfect, but they both do amazing things.


FindMyPast bought Mocavo. I have Mocavo Gold and for the past 2 months I’ve had nothing but problems loading. I’ve tried everything, including the Geek Squad, different browsers, flash players, cleaning files and cookies, to no avail. My computer is 1 yr old desk top with plenty of speed and a hi-speed internet connection (Verizon). I get a message “Sorry, Oh we are running a little slow now, check back later” but yet when they get back to me, they assure me it has to be on my end somehow. If this is indicative of the service I can’t use it.
I paid $80 for a one year subscription, but when I complained they gave me 2 more mos.


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